Prodigy meets ESSA Tier 3 in a study by Johns Hopkins University

“The research team found that… increased use of the Prodigy program was significantly correlated with increased achievement gains for students on a standardized mathematics assessment.”

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An effective, curriculum-aligned math practice tool

How Prodigy improves math content

Our entire team of teachers are certified to teach math. Together, they regularly improve content — researching current skills in a given area and ensuring they match curriculum expectations and bridge content gaps.

Using their experience as classroom educators, they develop question hints and video lessons to ensure students receive accessible and appropriate scaffolding and content rigor.

How Prodigy deepens understanding

Prodigy offers 1,500+ math skills ranging from first- to third-level DOK. On the lower end, students practice fluency and knowledge of basic concepts and routine procedures. On the higher end, they interpret and understand what the question is asking.

Educators and parents use Prodigy to help elicit a deeper understanding of the underlying math principles to ensure students don’t just grasp new knowledge — but learn to apply it, too.

Data-driven, evidence-based

ESSA Tier 3 Certification
2017 Common Sense Education Top Pick
American Association of School Librarians Best of 2018
iKEEPSAFE COPPA Certification

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