The tools you need to get up to speed with Prodigy.

Video Tutorials

Getting Started With Prodigy

A quick 3 minute video to get you all set up and ready to use Prodigy in the classroom

Differentiating with Reports

Our reports allow you to view curriculum progress, trouble spots, and more

Using Assignments

Assignments allow you to assess students on a particular skill while they play

Using the Planner

Plans allow you to easily align the math in the game to your curriculum in class

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Free Online Training

Quick and interactive training on the following topics:

  • How to get started in under 5 minutes
  • How to use Prodigy's reporting and assessment tools to differentiate and save time.
  • How 70,000 other teachers are using Prodigy to make math more fun.
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Prodigy Overview Presentation

The best way to share Prodigy with your colleagues

Our presentation quickly covers all of the main features in Prodigy, and is great for getting your colleagues up to speed!

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More Resources

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Achievement Certificate

A cool certificate to print out for your students to reward them for their hard work.

Download Certificate

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White Paper

A detailed report outlining how 11.6% more students met EQAO standards using Prodigy.

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Parent Letter

A letter that explores the features of Prodigy, and tells parents how they can use it at home.

Download Parent Letter (English)

Download Parent Letter (Spanish)

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Prodigy's Curriculum

Explore what standards and expectations Prodigy covers through grades 1 - 8.

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