standardized test prep tool

How to Benchmark Student Progress Using Prodigy’s Test Prep Tool

Remote learning and COVID-19 have turned this school year upside down. One of the casualties? Standardized testing. 

Across the US, schools are closed and states have canceled their regular standardized tests. While controversial, there’s no denying that these tests are an important source of data for educators when it comes to student progress and achievement. 

As the school year comes to a close and you need to make some important decisions, you might be wondering:

  • What lessons should I prioritize while students learn online?
  • How should I determine if students are ready to move on to the next grade?
  • What concepts will I have to revisit in my classroom once students are back in school?

Good news! Prodigy’s revamped Test Prep tool gives you comprehensive data on the exact math concepts students have mastered, and where they still need more practice.


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learn at home

Learn at Home: How Prodigy Is Helping Students Learn During COVID-19

Concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and school closures have schools and families quite overwhelmed right now to say the least. As parents and educators ourselves, we can imagine how stressful life can be in these uncertain times.

But just because schools are closed, it doesn’t mean your students have to stop learning.


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How to talk with your child about COVID-19

How to Talk with Your Child About COVID-19 [5 Helpful Tips]

How to prepare for school closures

On March 11, the World Health Organization officially classified  COVID-19 as a pandemic. As of March 13, 2020, President Trump declared it a national emergency.

It’s likely that governments of all levels will temporarily close individual schools or entire districts. This undoubtedly affects millions of families who will have to both work and learn from home.


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How to Align Your In-Class Lessons Using Prodigy [4 Ways]

You’ve heard it all before… I hate math. Math is boring. I’m not good at math.

Some days it seems like nothing could possibly reverse students’ negative attitudes toward math.

That’s why it’s important to choose a math platform that fosters a fun and positive learning environment.

If you use Prodigy, you’ve seen the power it has to ignite students’ love for learning math! Both teachers and students agree that Prodigy is one of the most — if not the most — engaging game-based learning platforms.

Here’s a small taste of what teachers just like you think!


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How to Use Prodigy in Your Everyday Teaching Strategies

Wizards and duels and pets, oh my! When Prodigy’s on the table, you can bet students are champing at the bit to play.

While using Prodigy, teachers like you have witnessed:

  • Math anxiety decrease
  • Math confidence increase
  • Engagement levels increase
  • Math skills mastery increase
  • Test scores and grades increase

In short, your students have truly experienced a love for learning math. All thanks to you using Prodigy in class.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to use Prodigy with the following teaching strategies.

Curious about a specific strategy? Tap one to skip to it!


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Johns Hopkins University Study: 3 Things Parents Should Know

Imagine you need to send your child to a new school. Everyone around you is suggesting this one or that one, and sharing their reasons why.

After pondering their suggestions, you form an image in your head of the perfect school. One day, you’re driving down a street and catch a glimpse of what looks like that perfect school. But, would you enroll your child without:

  • Researching that school?
  • Getting to know some of the teaching staff?
  • Making sure the school can address any of your child’s needs?

Educational technology (EdTech) products have more in common with “the perfect school” than you might think.

Put simply: it looks and sounds great, but is it actually the best choice? That’s where “efficacy” comes in.


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4 Key Findings from Prodigy’s Johns Hopkins University Study

Imagine you’re in the market for a vehicle. Everyone around you is suggesting this car or that van, and sharing their reasons why.

After pondering their suggestions, you form an image in your head of the perfect car. One day, you drive past a dealership and catch a glimpse of that perfect car. But, would you buy it without:

  • A test-drive?
  • Getting an inspection?
  • Looking at the car’s history?

Educational technology (EdTech) products have more in common with “the perfect car” than you might think. They’re often described with the equivalent appeal of the greatest car.

Put simply: it looks and sounds great, but does it actually work? Enter “efficacy”.


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Professional goals for teachers

How to Create Teacher Goals That Get Results [Free Template]

Can you believe it’s been 365 days? A whole year since you made those New Year’s Resolutions and set those teacher goals! Did you accomplish those goals, or did they slip away when week four got too busy?

We all know the feeling of falling short of the goals we set. But not this year.

Whether you’re a teacher setting goals for the new year or the new school year, this article will give you a research-based goal-setting framework, examples and suggestions to accomplish your next set of teacher goals!


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