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How to Use Prodigy to Prep for Standardized Tests [UPDATE]

Can game-based learning improve standardized test scores? Yes!

One study found that schools using Prodigy saw an 11.6% improvement on standardized test scores.

Another found that schools using Prodigy saw an average improvement of 12.39 points on their standardized test scores — double the improvement seen in schools that did not use Prodigy.

If you already know about Prodigy’s efficacy, jump down to the how-to section and start prepping!

New research shows the effectiveness of Prodigy’s Test Preps!


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Professional goals for teachers

How to Create Teacher Goals That Get Results [Free Template]

Can you believe it’s been 365 days? A whole year since you made those New Year’s Resolutions and set those teacher goals! Did you accomplish those goals, or did they slip away when week four got too busy?

We all know the feeling of falling short of the goals we set. But not this year.

Whether you’re a teacher setting goals for the new year or the new school year, this article will give you a research-based goal-setting framework, examples and suggestions to accomplish your next set of teacher goals!


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Prodigy 2019: Looking Back, Looking Forward [Year in Review]

2019 was an amazing year! And guess what? It was all thanks to you — our inspiring Prodigy educators — and the students you tirelessly help to love learning math.

That’s why we made big updates to your Dashboard, and continue to release new pets, special items and fun festivals. Now, we want to remember 2019 together with you, as one big Prodigy family.


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Baumrind parenting styles

5 Parenting Styles: What Works, What Doesn’t [FIND YOURS!]

Parenting is an amazing responsibility, but being an amazing parent is not easy. Let that sink in… Parenting styles can be a touchy topic, but every parent needs to decide what’s important to them and find the parenting style best suited to helping their children grow.

In the words of 32nd U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”


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11 Best Online Tutoring Websites for K12 in 2020 [NEW]

Could your child benefit from extra one-on-one support? Does your child have a negative attitude toward learning and school? Would you like them to improve their academic performance? Do you feel unable to help your child with homework?

There are many reasons why parents like you are considering online tutoring websites for their children. And it’s perfectly okay, because a “one size fits all” approach to education simply doesn’t exist.

Using an online tutoring website is not only convenient. It also helps:

  • Boost children’s confidence
  • Personalize their learning experience
  • Increase their skills, comprehension, scores and grades


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Is Prodigy math research based?

Prodigy Ranks Highest for Math Apps That Support Learning [STUDY]

Do educators in your building(s) use mathematics apps?

How effective are they in helping primary school students learn?

Is it worth using math apps at all and, if so, what types should you use?

To answer some of those questions, researchers Robin Kay and Jae Yeon Kwak reviewed the relevant literature published from 2005 to 2017.


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Importance of parental involvement in education

Parental Involvement in Education [+ 10 Secrets for Success]

“Cornerstone” is defined as an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based. That’s what parental involvement in education is to a child’s upbringing — a cornerstone.

Thirty years of research (and counting) has proven that parents who are involved with their child’s education is the best predictor of student success.


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Free Educational Games for Kids

27 Best Educational Games for Kids [Sorted by Subject]

Not all children — especially nowadays — learn best through pencil-and-paper instruction. According to educational nonprofit EDUCAUSE, a growing body of research shows game-based learning platforms “can create an engaging dynamic that inspires students to develop competencies and skills as they focus on the activities of the game.”

Regardless of the subject, whether your child hates or loves it, educational games for kids can help you instill a love of learning in your own child!


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