[Free Download!] Weekly Activity Calendar to Help Kids Learn from Home

Recent school closures mean kids will be spending much more time at home. As a parent, it can be stressful trying to keep your child occupied and learning from home in this unique situation.

That’s why at Prodigy, we’re here to support you, week-to-week, while you and your family work and learn from home

Download and print our helpful resource below, created by our very own Prodigy teachers!


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How to Use Prodigy Data to Guide Daily Instruction

Prodigy engages your students and motivates them to learn, but did you know it can also support your teaching and help you create meaningful lesson plans?

There are tons of benefits of having a Prodigy teacher account. Use the data to see how your students are progressing through their in-game math practice and get the most out of Prodigy. 

Keep reading for an overview of Prodigy reports and all the awesome data you’ll get from each one!


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The 21 Best Free Games for Kids in 2020

“When can I use the tablet?”

“Do you have games on your phone?”

“Can I please have [insert latest video game trend here]?” 

These days, we have endless technology at our fingertips. Screen time is a huge commodity in most households, and your kids are likely no exception.  

With so many options, it can be hard to know which games to get for your kids — or how to budget for them. 

That’s why we did the work for you. 

We found 21 of the best free games for kids online that are safe, appropriate, and loved by kids! There’s no need to worry or break the bank, because these games have you covered!


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10 Inspiring Black History Month Classroom Activities

February is Black History Month — the celebration of African American history, contributions, and achievements that’s recognized annually across the United States and Canada. 

For teachers, it’s a great opportunity to teach with intention, honoring the tradition and showing students its importance, along with the importance of black history and culture. 


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How to Support Your Child’s Learning Progress with Prodigy

As a parent, you probably know how important it is to get involved in your child’s education

But with limited time in your schedule, how can you actively support your child’s learning progress and ensure they have everything they need to learn, grow and build new skills? 

If your child loves playing Prodigy, we’ve got the answer for you!

We’ll show you how to use your Prodigy Parent Account to support your child’s math learning journey and boost their potential — in school and beyond.

Check out the 5 easy steps to support your child’s learning progress below!


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Teacher Gifts: Prodigy’s Holiday Guide [Top 25 Survey Results]

Your child’s teacher deserves a great gift this holiday season. 

But when wedged between all your holiday errands and your busy schedule, planning teacher gifts can be overwhelming — and can become even worse when you’re trying to get something they’ll actually love.

So what kind of gifts do teachers want?

We surveyed close to 300 teachers about what they want most this year, asking the following questions:

  1. What gift would you like to receive this year from parents?
  2. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from a student? 

We used the answers to come up with a list of 25 teacher gifts ideas to help you find the perfect present with ease!


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Prodigy Winterfest

Winterfest: What to Expect from Our Exciting Winter Event

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Prodigy players everywhere. 

Our 4th annual Winterfest is coming to town! 

Lamplight Town is officially becoming a winter wonderland all December for this fun-filled festival. 

This means all month, players can go on winter adventures that will bring more math practice to the holidays.

Here’s what to expect from Winterfest this year.


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How to Make the Most of Pumpkinfest ’19 in Your Classroom

Teaching important math concepts to set students up for a successful year becomes much easier when they’re engaged with what they’re learning. 

Luckily, you can boost engagement during October with Pumpkinfest — Prodigy’s annual in-game fall festival!

This exclusive event begins Oct. 1, and lasts all month. Pumpkinfest has tons of fun features to entice players, which means you can ensure lots of curriculum-aligned math practice. 


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Pumpkinfest: The Exclusive Fall Event [Starts Oct. 1]

Brace yourselves, Prodigy players and parents, for a spook-tacular event coming to Lamplight Town. 

That’s right — Pumpkinfest is here again! 

For the entire month of October, this exclusive festival will be available in-game for all players to enjoy. We’ve got all the details for you to share with your child, to get them excited to play more Prodigy (and practice more math) this October.


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