Prodigy's Summer Question Quest

Boost Summer Learning with the Prodigy Summer Question Quest!

Teachers, tell your students to get excited for the Prodigy Summer Question Quest!

This summer, we’re on a mission to keep learning. That’s why we’re challenging all our Prodigy wizards to work together and answer a grand total of 500 million questions before they go back to school! 

We know your students are up to the task. And between us, rumor has it that there’s a very special in-game reward waiting for them at the end if they succeed.


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How to Invite Parents to Prodigy blog header image

How to Invite Parents to Prodigy and Increase Math Learning

You know that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Your students’ parents are key players in the learning process!

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

Jane D. Hull

When parents are active partners in their child’s education, math learning becomes consistent and supported at school and at home.


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teacher burnout

8 Proven Ways to Overcome Teacher Burnout and Love Teaching Again

Your phone alarm failed to go off on time, so you scramble out the door and forget your lunch in the process.

Arriving after the morning bell has already rung, you rush into your classroom and scramble to set up today’s lesson. Students are distracted and the funny, engaging video you hoped would capture their interest keeps freezing. 

During lunch, you receive a reminder from the principal about those IEPs you completely forgot about. 

You pack your things and head home, where you quickly eat and grade assignments until you fall into bed. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, you might be struggling with teacher burnout.


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Remote Learning: 6 Best Ways to Engage Your Students [from Teachers!]

Keeping students on task and excited about learning can take all your best classroom management strategies — even when you’re delivering instruction face-to-face. 

With many schools closing their doors indefinitely, teachers across the country have had to adapt at lightspeed and implement remote learning strategies.

While remote learning isn’t a perfect substitute for in-class instruction, there are lots of ways to keep students engaged while they’re learning from home. 


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