Teacher Success Story: Jennifer Harder

Jennifer Harder, 6th Grade Special Education Teacher

Bourbonnais Elementary School, District #53, Illinois
Prodigy use: 2 years
Questions answered: 55,000


Jennifer teaches 15 students on a daily basis with a variety of learning disabilities. Needless to say, her classroom is both demanding and rewarding. One of her biggest challenges is engagement and catering to the needs of each and every student.

“I started using Prodigy because I was looking for a creative way to motivate my students and encourage them to practice curriculum-aligned (Common Core) math skills. In addition I was looking for program that I could individualize to meet my students’ needs.”


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Prodigy Content Update: 95 New Skills Added!

We’re excited to be releasing 95 new skills today! On top of the new content, we’ve also introduced new question types and virtual manipulatives:

Calculator Skills – For only select questions that require students demonstrate an understanding of process rather than computation, we’re introducing a new calculator manipulative!


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Prodigy Game Update: Player vs. Player!

You asked for it and we’re pleased to announce the release of Player vs. Player battles! You can now challenge your friends to a math battle in Prodigy!

The Player vs. Player system allows Prodigy wizards from all over the world to battle each other! By clicking on a character, you can reveal their “player card”.

Using the player cards, you can:

Prodigy Player Card
Prodigy Player Card
  1. Challenge them to a battle
  2. See other players’ character name and level
  3. View what gear they currently have equipped
  4. View their statistics


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The 5 Best Math Channels on YouTube For Teachers and Students

Are you looking for some great math videos to supplement your math lessons? There are some awesome YouTube channels that make great teaching aids and blended learning resources. Without further ado, here are the top 5 math channels on YouTube:

  1. Mathademics – Short tutorials covering a range of elementary and middle school topics, with a heavy focus on fractions, geometry, and measurement.


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Prodigy Content Update: 100 New Math Skills Added!

Our education content team has continued to work hard adding new styles of questions to Prodigy! This morning we released 100 new skills spanning 3rd to 8th grade curricula. New styles of questions include being able to create a line plot, using input/output tables, and working with nets of 3D shapes. Be sure to check out our skills and assignment pages to see all of our new skills with a ‘New!’ notification.


5th grade – Create a line plot from a chart


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Prodigy Content Update: TEKS 7 & 8 + Improved Differentiation

Prodigy’s adaptive features just got better!

While your student or child is playing Prodigy, we’re adapting the material they receive in the background so the content is just right for them. We’ve significantly improved these background processes, which will:

  • Improve our placement test
  • Allow students to continually move upward based on their skill, removing grade caps after placement test
  • Increase the time between when a student fails out of a skill and when they re-encounter the skill
  • Prevent curriculum cross over
  • Prevent high number of questions in one skill
  • Significantly reduce the instances of repeated questions


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Refer Fellow Teachers, Earn Free Memberships!

What’s better than free, right?

We’re excited to release a new way for you to share Prodigy, helping you make math engaging for more teachers and students.

On your teacher dashboard, by clicking your name, you’ll find the new Share Prodigy referral link:

Using this link, you’ll be able to share your referral link with fellow teachers and your school leaders.

How it Works: 

When you click the Share Prodigy link, you’ll see this prompt:

When you click Share with teachers, you’ll be able to send a unique referral link to your colleagues via email and social media platforms such as Facebook.

For every teacher who registers through your link and has his or her class play Prodigy, you’ll get a student Membership!

When you click Share with admins, you’ll be able to share a school leader’s contact information with us.

If our Partnerships team can book a call with that school leader to introduce Prodigy, you’ll receive a gift card!

Log in to your teacher account now to share Prodigy and earn rewards!


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