Multiplication charts: 1-12 & 1-100 [Free and printable!]

Printable multiplication chart

We have two multiplication charts available for your class — one for reference and one blank template for students to complete themselves.

multiplication table chart

Download them here!👇

Get adaptive multiplication practice for your students with Prodigy, a no-cost resource that makes math class engaging.

Students are constantly learning new and complex content as they progress through their education.

At a young age, they’re introduced to multiplication — something that’s used in everyday life, from simple math when grocery shopping to complex calculations on tax forms.

A simple way to teach students how to multiply is through a multiplication chart or multiplication tables. These charts help students memorize various multiplication equations, so they can come up with answers quickly and accurately.


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competency-based education

Competency Based Education: What is it, And How Your School Can Use it

The search for better teaching strategies will never end. As a school leader, you probably spend too much of your time thinking about how to improve the learning experience of the students that pass through your school throughout the years.

After all, what they learn (and how they learn it) will become a part of these students as they grow, hopefully helping them become successful adults.

This is the main goal of competency based education: giving each student equal opportunity to master necessary skills and become successful adults.


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dividing fractions word problems

How to divide fractions: 3 easy steps to solve hard problems

Teaching your students how to divide fractions can be just as simple as teaching multiplication… once you know all of the little tricks to get the right answer.

But — as with any math concept — when you teach division, you don’t want your students to just solve a problem. You want them to understand what’s happening in each question. 

But, that’s the thing. It’s tough to get them to understand dividing fractions if you don’t quite get it yourself.

We were a bit confused on the subject, too. That’s why we looked into the best tools and easiest ways to make sure your class understands the key concepts for dividing fractions. Pay close attention, and by the end of this article you’ll be a fully equipped, ultra confident fraction division master.


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reciprocal teaching method

4 Reciprocal Teaching Strategies To Use

As a teacher, you know how difficult it can be to personalize learning to keep students interested in school subjects — especially when students don’t understand the subject matter. Reciprocal teaching strategies have been shown to increase student reading comprehension and improve overall literacy.

Reciprocal teaching not only helps with learning, but it also gets kids excited to participate in a lesson.

While this sounds amazing, what exactly is this strategy — and how do you introduce it to your classroom?


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