what is universal design for learning

Universal Design for Learning: Principles and Examples for 2019

When something is universal, it applies to everyone. So, when hearing the term universal design for learning (or UDL), it makes sense to imagine it as a blanket format that covers all students.

But is that really what UDL is all about?

In this guide, you’re going to learn that universal design for learning is focused on flexibility and adaptability to different types of students.

But that’s not all.


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A man sits at his desk, looking at his laptop computer while making notes, presumably about math software.

9 Qualities you must evaluate when adopting math software

The subject is hard for an overwhelming number of students, but finding math software to improve and supplement learning shouldn’t be as difficult.

Your challenge is evaluating different math platforms based on objective information, finding a solution that addresses your school or district’s specific issues. You can smoothen this process by knowing what aspects to investigate in any given platform.


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The Ultimate Guide to Adaptive Learning Technology

As the popularity of adaptive learning technology booms, a growing number of school leaders face unique challenges when introducing a given adaptive learning program at the school or district level.

For the savvy school admin, questions about adaptive learning technology abound: how should teachers be trained? How much does it cost? And, of course, how should a tool be selected — with the huge variety of games, products, and software vying for your attention?

To address such questions, below is a guide to adaptive learning technology that provides implementation strategies. It also includes a definition, benefits, examples and a downloadable list of implementation tips.


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