The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Kid This Holiday Season

We now live in a time where gifts have become more and more technological. Just look at the shift from the 1960s to now. Remember any?!

Easy Bake Oven, G.I. Joe, Operation, Twister, Hot Wheels
Uno, Walkie Talkies, Pet Rock, Atari VCS
Rubik’s Cube, Transformers, Cabbage Patch Kids, Jenga
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Nintendo, Barbie Dream House, Tamagotchi
Razor Scooter, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii
iPad, LeapPad Explorer, Wii U, Zoomer Dino, Sphero BB8, Cozmo, NES Classic

As with many electronic toys, they can lose their appeal quite fast. Your kids grow tired of them, lose them, or move on to something bigger and better. This classic scene from Toy Story sums it up nicely. 

When you find out you are being thrown away.

But mobile devices like phones, tablets or iPads, and laptops are different. You can fill them with all sorts of apps from fun games to video players and everything in between.

Technology isn’t inherently bad. We think many parents like yourself would agree it’s how you use it that matters. This is why, as part of your child’s gift, you should consider…

Giving the gift of education! 

Your child loves playing Prodigy! Now how many parents can say their kid loves playing an educational game!? Slim to none.

9 Reasons to gift your child a Premium Membership this holiday

Prodigy Premium Membership Benefits

Compared to non-members, children with a Prodigy subscription have seen:

1. 92% more math skills mastered
2. 125% more questions answered
3. 118% more time spent learning

And those are just some of the educational benefits! Becoming a premium member will also give your child:

4. 50% faster level-ups
5. Ability to rescue all pets
6. Access to exclusive gear
7. Extra prize wheel spins each day
8. Monthly gift box with exclusive items
9. Unlock special treasure chests and so much more!

✨ PLUS, becoming a premium member allows us to keep Prodigy’s educational content free for all children, forever.

What this means for you and your child

In short, you’ll be able to understand and overcome your child’s math struggles in an endlessly fun and engaging way!

You can rest assured that our team of certified math teachers and game creators designed Prodigy to keep students engaged, transforming screen time something educational.

Become a Member today!

Teachers agree, too!

I have seen many students improve their understanding of math concepts after reviewing the skills on Prodigy. My students who have the privilege of being able to access Prodigy at home show even more growth.

Susan Phillips
2nd grade teacher
Miamisburg City Schools

Students are very motivated to do math with the use of Prodigy. They’re actually excited by the choice to have homework… Parents have recognized the improvement Prodigy has had for their children and have purchased Memberships to give their children more opportunities to practice math.

Shannon Hunt
Middle school teacher
Russell Independent Schools

I recommend Prodigy! I’ve had so many more students playing from home since they got their memberships, it’s crazy. And the total number of questions answered has skyrocketed. Our overall high score used to top out in the low 100s… It’s in the upper 400s right now! I wish I could give them memberships for the rest of the year!

Crystal Babb
4th grade teacher
Odessa Upper Elementary

This holiday season, give your child the gift of education — it’s one that will last a lifetime.

Become a Member today!

What if my child doesn’t find it fun and engaging?

If that’s the case, you can cancel your child’s Premium Membership at any time.

Otherwise, choose the Premium Membership that works best for your family — starting as low as $4.99/month.

(Oh, and remember: we now offer a Family Membership where you can save 25% when you buy 2 or more memberships of the same type in one purchase.

Learn more about Premium Memberships

Jordan Nisbet

Jordan crafts content for Prodigy — and wishes the game existed when he was in school. He's interested in education and passionate about helping build up the next generation!

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