Prodigy Content Update: 110 New Math Skills Added!

Today we added hundreds of new questions of all different styles to Prodigy. Our education team has been working hard to develop questions that enable students to show their thinking and break the question down into parts. By allowing students to enter more than one answer on a particular question, teachers and parents can gain a better insight into where it is their student may be going wrong.

With this release we have a new first at Prodigy; interactive questions! This question type allows students to interact with the tools shown on screen, like number lines and place value charts.

4th grade - Improper fraction placed on a number line
4th grade – Improper fraction placed on a number line


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Prodigy Content Update: 150 New Math Skills Added!

Our education team has been hard at work this summer creating new math content, which can now be accessed in-game. Today we added thousands of new questions to Prodigy, covering more than 150 new curriculum-aligned math skills!

Prodigy has spent the last two years building out Common Core, TEKS, MAFS, and Ontario aligned math content and will continue to do so until we have complete coverage. Many of our questions now involve manipulatives, charts, graphs, and geometric shapes and require multiple steps. Our math content was designed to teach students how to think critically and use multiple strategies to answer questions. Check out some of this week’s newest questions below and let us know what you think!

2nd Grade – More or less from a vertical bar graph


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How Prodigy is Helping You Prepare for the Big Day: EQAO

Spring is on the horizon, or at least that’s what we are all hoping! But for teachers spring brings standardized testing, and in order for us to usher in the warm weather in true bliss, we all want to make test prep as simple and as effective as possible.

In an earlier post, we shared the results from our case study on the impact of game-based learning on standardized test scores. The results were undeniably positive and definitely encouraging for any teacher who has adopted game-based learning in the classroom. So with EQAO coming, how can you use game-based learning as effective test prep?

Luckily your students’ favorite math game has you covered. As an Ontario product, Prodigy’s education team is committed to helping you improve your students’ EQAO results.  We have been working hard to overhaul our current EQAO override feature, and today we have released our new EQAO Package!

Capture3 (more…)

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Can Game-Based Learning Improve Standardized Test Scores?

When my co-founder and I started Prodigy, our goal was to get students as excited about learning math as I was about playing Pokemon as a child.  As teachers, you’ve likely seen this excitement in your own classrooms, but one overriding question keeps coming up – does all of this excitement lead to quantifiable improvements on standardized test scores?

To figure this out, we dug deep into data from one of our first districts, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB in Ontario, Canada.  The data shows that highly active schools on Prodigy had 11.6% more students meeting standards on EQAO testing (Ontario’s standardized test) compared to the previous year.  This represents an 11.5% difference over inactive schools, which only saw a 0.1% improvement.


You can download the full whitepaper here:

There is also a short 2-page summary here:

Post written by Rohan Mahimker, Co-CEO Prodigy

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Today marks Prodigy’s first #feedbackfriday. We have been receiving tons of great feedback from you recently and this is our way of sharing and responding to that feedback. We hope this encourages you to continue to share what you like about the program and where you see opportunities for improvement. This weekly post will also give you a glimpse into what we are working on here at Prodigy, and what new features you can expect to see in upcoming game updates. Our blog is the best way to stay up to date on everything related to prodigy.

We also launched a Twitter contest this week that will continue to run throughout January. Share your Prodigy feedback on Twitter using the hashtag #MyProdigyMath and you and your class will be entered into a weekly membership giveaway!

This week’s winner is Miss Nilmini Ratwatte from Peel DSB! Miss Ratwatte and her entire class will be receiving free Prodigy memberships for one month. Congratulations! We will be giving away two more class memberships over the next two weeks so don’t forget to share your feedback with @ProdigyGame. (more…)

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Prodigy’s Guide to Free Math Games

If you ask any member of the Prodigy team what we do, you’ll probably get a broken record response proudly declaring “we are building the world’s best math game!” But with an abundance of educational gaming options available, how does one decide which one is best for them? It’s no secret that there are hundreds of math games out there, many of which are fantastic and are changing the way students and teachers approach math. With the gamification of education becoming such a hot topic, it’s important to evaluate prospective programs before taking the plunge. (more…)

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