20 Engaging Math Games for Kids

20 Engaging, Skill-Building Math Games for Kids [1st to 8th Grade]

Playing math games has emerged as a way to make class engaging, but you must ensure these activities build skills and reinforce lesson content.

Just like there are many helpful math websites, there are online and offline games suited for this job. They can act as customizable entry and exit tickets, as well as mid-class activities.


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How to Implement New Educational Technology in the Classroom - Monica Burns

How to Implement New EdTech in the Classroom [Monica Burns Interview]

As educators look to teach and engage students using EdTech (educational technology), many turn to Monica Burns.

The Apple Distinguished Educator and founder of Class Tech Tips left teaching in New York to become a technology and curriculum consultant.

It’s been three years since she started her new career.

In that time, she has consulted at schools across the world and presented at conferences such as SXSWedu and EduTech. She also became a published author, writing about how to use QR codes and scannable technology in the classroom.


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