Teach Math With Prodigy: An Educational Learning Platform

Our Prodigy blog series, Teach Math With Prodigy, has come to an end and we are listing down some of the major takeaways from this series.

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Through this series, we have documented how Prodigy has effectively managed to take classroom engagement to the next level with the help of interactive, curriculum-aligned classroom learning sessions presented to the students that are not only monitored but also controlled by teachers through assignment creation, lesson planning, content differentiation, and classroom reporting feature of the Prodigy teacher account.

All these features help Prodigy become a powerful tool for teachers to improve their students’ math skills.

To help you get a better understanding of how Prodigy benefits teachers in the classroom, here are some of the prominent features and functionalities that you come across in the Prodigy teacher account.


1. Create Assignments On-The-Go

One of the most powerful features in the teacher account is the ability to ‘Create Assignments & Plan Lessons’. This feature allows teachers to create assignments, evaluate them and generate reports for all the students. In addition to this, teachers can also differentiate the content for students based on their proficiency level or learning abilities.

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2. Personalised & Targeted Learning

Apart from creating daily assignments and planning lessons, teachers can use Prodigy to differentiate content for students based on their proficiency level by personalising assignments and tests for each student or a set of students (whenever necessary) and help them progress at their own pace. This feature assists teachers in giving individual attention to students so that they can improve their math skills.

Learn how you can use targeted learning for students on the dashboard:  Teach Math With Prodigy: Personalised & Targeted Learning


3. Formative Assessment & Reporting

Classroom reporting forms a major part of the teacher account where teachers can find reports that provide a comprehensive look at student usage, weekly activities, assignment/ test performance, curriculum coverage as well as give an in-depth report of each student’s individual progress through Student Comprehension. This feature is beneficial for teachers as it provides a concise understanding of each student’s progress and trouble spots for different topics.

Check out how you can access the classroom reporting feature on the teacher account: Teach Math With Prodigy: Formative Assessment & Reporting


To sum it up, Prodigy is a one-stop educational platform for schools that helps teachers as well as students in the classroom. While students engage with the platform, teachers differentiate content, monitor reports and help students master their math skills. 

Prodigy has already been successful in helping over 61000 students in India to improve their math skills and has partnered with 120+ Indian schools to introduce educational learning in their curriculum. It is also been recommended by teachers from all over India as a one-shot solution to engage students through an interactive online learning platform.


“Teachers have so much control over the learning process of students on this platform. Students get to practice math skills which are handpicked by teachers in the form of planners and assignments.” 

 – Anuradha Lochab
 KR Mangalam School, New Delhi



If you’re looking to introduce Prodigy in your school, you can refer your school leaders or principal and get it for free

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