Teach Math With Prodigy: Formative Assessment & Reporting

Teachers not only dedicate a major portion of their time to plan lessons, create assignments, and conduct tests, but also to determine their students’ overall performance through formative assessments and reports.

But constantly evaluating formative assessments and building performance reports for each student can be challenging for teachers, especially while overseeing other tasks.

This process can be simplified with the help of Prodigy where teachers can deliver formative assessments and automatically track results within their teacher account!

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Through the teacher account, you can find reports that provide a comprehensive look at student usage, weekly activities, assignment/ test performance, curriculum coverage as well as give an in-depth report of each student’s individual progress through Student Comprehension.

Here are four easy steps to use Prodigy for formative assessments:


Step 1: Login To Your Prodigy Account

Visit www.prodigygame.com and click Login at the top-right corner to sign in to your teacher account.

From the multiple classes that you manage on the Prodigy teacher dashboard, select a class to create assignments as well as view performance and individual reports.


Step 2: Create Assignments With The Assessment Tool

Create assignments by clicking on the ‘Assessment’ tool in the teacher account. Prodigy’s comprehensive teacher dashboard gives you the liberty of creating and personalising assignments for the whole class. You can set assignment parameters, modify skills and topics to suit each student. 

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Once the assignment is created, the Prodigy teacher dashboard lets you set the timelines for the said assignment. This will encourage students to complete assignments on time after which you can monitor and track students’ progress.


Step 3: View Assignment Reports From The ‘Assessment’ Tool

Once the assignment deadline is over, you can click on ‘Assessments’ and get access to the assignment reports that have already been completed. Simply click on the ‘View Report’ option on the right side and track how well your students performed in the given assignment.

Prodigy provides a comprehensive assignment report with the number of correct, incorrect and unattempted questions by each student along with individual scores. Teachers can also download these reports for future reference.


Step 4: Monitor Overall Student Performance Through ‘Reports’

To get a complete overview of your classroom performance, select ‘Reports’ from the left side of the dashboard and continue. Here you will find a list of reports ranging from ‘Topic Coverage’ to ‘Student Usage’ that you can access and get an overview of your students’ progress. 

You can select ‘Student Usage’ to get an overview of your students’ engagement at home and in school throughout the week.

Similarly, you can select ‘Student Comprehension’ to get an in-depth look at a particular student’s progress. Prodigy gives teachers access to individual student performance reports so that they can understand where a student is struggling. These comprehensive reports pinpoint specific skill sets where students are lacking and help teachers to identify the trouble-spots easily so that they can revisit those lessons. 


Teachers can make use of Prodigy reports to understand every aspect of a student’s progress and development. ‘Weekly Activity Reports’ and ‘Student Usage Reports’ help you track students’ engagement on the platform whereas ‘Student Comprehension Reports’ and ‘Topic Coverage Reports’ provide a concise understanding of each student’s progress and trouble spots on each topic.

If you would like to see Prodigy in your school, refer your Principal or School Leader here: https://india.prodigygame.com/refer-now/

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