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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! [Letters to You, from Prodigy]

Dear teachers, 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Here at Prodigy, we wanted to share with you how grateful we are for your continued work and support. 

For many of you, the spread of COVID-19 has turned your jobs upside-down. Instead of teaching students in the classroom, you’ve transitioned to online learning — in many cases, for the first time in your careers. 

Never before has more been asked of you, and we’re in awe of how you’ve all stepped up to the challenge!

We’ve all heard stories of teachers going above and beyond to support their students during this crazy time, whether that’s setting up video lessons, getting creative with your assignments or even driving around town to hand-deliver homework and resources to your students. 

Without the passion and dedication of teachers like you, Prodigy wouldn’t be where (or what) it is today. You’ve shared Prodigy with your colleagues, given us valuable feedback and — most of all — helped your students discover a love of learning. 

We can’t thank you enough. But, maybe these thank-you letters from teachers at Prodigy make your Teacher Appreciation Week a bit more special.

Dear Educators, Change and adaptation are two concepts that you do not fear. On a daily basis you adapt to the changing environment and needs of your students, all the while keeping your students’ best interest at heart. This is no different now as you navigate through this new territory of distance learning. Through education we would like students to become life-long learners outside of the classroom. You are not only demonstrating the importance of this, but being their role models during this transition. The circumstances today, and challenges that arise are different from those that you have encountered before, but as always you are persevering! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. Thank you for supporting and fostering your students’ learning through providing continued lessons, activities, feedback, videos and more. Thank you for ensuring that your students’ social and emotional needs are met, and doing all that you can to help them navigate through this change. This time can be overwhelming, so please remember to take time for yourselves and your families, your health is as important as everyone else’s. Your hard work is greatly appreciated and is not going unnoticed, you are all doing an incredible job! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!! Sincerely, Liana, Education Content Creator Lead and proud supporter of you!
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Dear teacher, What an interesting year it has been! Although the current events could have never been predicted, we know that teaching always has an element of unpredictability to it. The current circumstance presents many new challenges, but nonetheless adapting practice to best support learning is nothing new by any means! Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and compassion during this time -- and always! It is challenging not to see students each day and to alter well thought out plans that you had for the school year in order to provide students with new and engaging learning opportunities. We see the steps you are taking to stay connected with students and to adapt your practice and we appreciate you! It’s okay to feel like you may not have everything figured out. You do not need to spend countless hours trying to balance work and home responsibilities, or be upset with yourself when you want to do more but just can’t. Remember that there are some important lessons that can be taught on a daily basis with no prep or resources, such as self love, balance and positive mental health. Your students, your family and every else that you love need you to take care of yourself, before you can take care of them! We see you, we appreciate you, and we applaud you. There are so many heroes in our world right now, and you are one of them! Sincerely, Stephanie, Education Content Creator and Teacher.
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Dear teacher, I know that you would rather be in your classroom right now, teaching your students in person and watching them grow day by day. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Thank you for doing your best for students, and for being flexible in this unprecedented situation. Thank you for your patience with technology, your willingness to try new things and your ability to reach students, even from a distance. Please know that everything you are doing is appreciated, and that everything you are doing is making a difference in students’ lives. Sincerely, Erin, Education Content Creator, teacher, and proud supporter of you!
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Dear Educators, Teaching sure seems to look a lot different these days. Yet, through these new challenges you have adapted, you have risen to the occasion and continue to always show up for your students. I know not being physically present for your students is troublesome, and certainly frustrating trying to navigate the digital teaching world. It worries you what this time apart will do to the academic, social and emotional development of your students. You lose sleep wondering if you are doing enough and how you can reach all of your students, especially those most vulnerable. Don’t ever doubt if your efforts are going unnoticed -- we see you! We thank you! If you haven’t heard it today, you are doing and incredible job engaging your students and providing rich learning tasks to keep a love of learning ignited. While the learning that goes into the classroom cannot be replaced, you have proven that the learning in class is not restricted to the walls of our schools, but that the world is our classroom fueled by the passion of dedicated educators and driven by the natural curiosity of the learning. The world thanks you, students thank you, Prodigy thanks you. Alyssa Lahaie, Teacher, Intermediate Education Content Creator.
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Dear Teacher, Know that you are valued. Know that you are appreciated even if you may not hear it daily. Know that the work you do is meaningful and makes a difference. Know that it’s okay to feel frustrated by the limitations of remote teaching. Know that it’s okay to miss your students beyond words. Know that it’s okay to give yourself a break. Know that a teacher who takes care of themself will be better equipped to support his/her students/family/and self when this is all over. Know that this isn’t normal and that it’s okay for you to set limits and boundaries too! Know that we are here when you need us. Sincerely, Diana, Ed. Content Creator and proud supporter of you!
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This is us, saying thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you’re doing. Keep it up!

The Prodigy Team

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Maria Kampen

Maria is a Content Writer at Prodigy. When she's not writing about the newest teaching strategies, she can be found knitting, bullet journaling or visiting a museum.

105 thoughts on “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! [Letters to You, from Prodigy]

  1. It was so lovely to read your handwritten letters. Many teachers all around the world are doing their best and your sentiments are felt by us all. We are often our own worst enemies. Thank you for reminding us of the fact that many people do value what we do.
    May you too know peace and security as you face your own challenges.

  2. Thank you, just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your thoughts, this was so sweet!
    Thank you very much!

  3. Thank you, This is truly needed for many of us going through this tough time. It is easy to say it, but to show your kindness in a letter means so much.

  4. Thank you very much for thinking of us. These are thoughts that can be carried on throughout the remaining of the year and beyond.

  5. Thank you so much for the positive letters. As teachers, we don’t always get the credit for the endless hours of work that we put into our careers. It always feels good to be appreciated, so thank you for that!

  6. Feeling very proud to be a teacher after reading this letters. Handwriting is too good. From the beggining of this year I am the incharge for prodigy in my school. As for my knowledge I have never seen such a professional team who is working very hard to fulfill the needs of the children as well as teachers. The team is ready to help any time and at at any place. Apart from books I have seen my students enjoying maths in the lab. Hope we will continue the same this year also. Hats off team. I Love Prodigy💕💞
    Ms. Ruth Lydia
    Royale Concorde International School ( ICSE)

  7. Thank you. It is as if you could read our hearts. Handwritten notes are a lost art and it is very special that you wrote these notes for us. You take care, too.

  8. Those letters were beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your support during this current state of world. It is truly a blessing to read such positive and inspiring letters. So nice of you to take the time to compose such heartfelt letters. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

  9. Thank you so much for these amazing letters. It made my day! I miss my students so much. Your letters touched on every emotion that I am feeling. This was a cool surprise! I really enjoy using Prodigy and my students were super excited about the Crystal Caves/Caverns when I told them about them on Friday! Thanks for keeping them connected.
    Thank you so much for your efforts with the handwritten letters. The idea was awesome and the sentiment was really inspiring. I feel honored to be a teacher and very thankful.
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Thank you for bringing sun shine to my day and, a smile to my heart!
    I also want to thank you for giving happiness to my students!

  11. Thank you for all of the beautiful letters. It is so nice of you to take time out of your day to show appreciation. I appreciate all of the time and effort you have done to help me inspire my class to keep working hard even though, the work is hard, lol they are doing so much independently!. The students have had to rise up and change as well. It has been challenging beyond words and I am grateful that Prodigy has helped me keep my students motivated. We are excited to work in the new Crystal Caverns.
    Thank you

  12. Wow! What an awesome start to another week that looks so different again! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! <3

  13. What a wonderfully kind, uplifting and encouraging gesture. Thank you, Prodigy! We are lucky to have you out there to help us with this challenge. Safety and peace to you all!

  14. Thank you so much for this gift! This is a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do! It has been a hard journey, and I’m just now beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Your words have touched a place in my heart, and I thank you for expressing appreciation and empathy. I hope you are all feeling safe, and appreciated for all that you do!
    Thank you!!!

  15. Thank you very much for taking out the time to appreciate teachers. Your handwritten letters put the icing on the cake. I can’t express in words how it feels to be appreciated by someone you don’t know. As you go about your day know that I have truly adored each letter. Be blessed and stay safe!

  16. That was a special gift! It was very much appreciated as we start a new week of learning in this format. Prodigy is a staple site that my students used from when we were in our classroom and that has helped our transition to online platforms.

  17. I wish you could see my ipad screen right now. I have a very excited students on Google Meet showing me all of the items and clothing he got on Crystal Caverns!

    Thank you so much for all of these letters! You made my morning…along with this sunshine!

  18. These letters were so special. Thank you very much for taking the time to commit such heart-felt thoughts to paper. It was a special way to start a Monday on-line. Best regards and wishes to each of you and your families.

  19. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and recognition of the time we all put into our students. Many people think of their jobs as work but mine is a lifelong dream come true to see the minds of all my young learners turn into contributing adults with families of their own. This is my last year of teaching and it is a happy/sad moment for me but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Again thank you for remembering us and thank you for what you do.

  20. The teacher appreciation letters are so beautifully written! The sentiment and support expressed throughout is so encouraging and refreshing! Thank you for cheering us on along the way! I am so grateful for having Prodigy as a main support tool for my students and for myself as I continue to monitor my students’ progress. Prodigy is one of norms that helps my students and myself feel connected to what was routine in our classroom. Even though the classroom setting has now changed, the learning carries on! God bless the Prodigy team and all who have taken on educator roles during these times of transition!

  21. Lovely handwritten notes!!!

    Thank you Liana, Stephanie, Erin, Alyssa, and Diana for taking the time to write a heartfelt note to the educators. You have no idea how accurate a lot of your letters were on how we are feeling during this unfortunate event.

    Have a beautiful day!
    Ms. Barrera
    1st Grade – Bilingual Class

  22. These words were the first I read this morning as I began my teacher day at home. Thanks to all of YOU who put quality time into the lessons for this site. Prodigy has always been a math practice motivator for my students, but it was also one of the first things I was able to share remotely with the kids because of its accessibility, and because the kids love it.

    Your hand written letters are much appreciated. Many thanks from this Ohio teacher!

    Best regards to all.

  23. Thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for creating this fun way for students to continue to learn through Prodigy!

  24. Thank you for the kind gesture. It was really uplifting during this unusual time period of our lives.

  25. Thank you! My students LOVE❤️Prodigy! I will never take for granted teaching in the classroom again! Your letters are truly thoughtful and I added it to my list of things to be grateful for today.

  26. Thank you for the hand written notes! Your words touched my heart for both their beauty and their accuracy. We are living and teaching in a unique time, but our priorities as a teacher haven’t changed. Thank you for recognizing that and for having a program that facilitates that.

    Be safe, be sane, stay healthy!

  27. Wow thank you so much for the appreciation! Your words have meant a lot. We love Prodigy and I continue to encourage my students to use it while at home. Stay strong everyone. We are in this together!❤️

  28. Thank you for taking the time to put so many lovely sentiments into words. You definitely understand the mind of educators and your support is greatly appreciated in these challenging times. What a great way to start the week!

  29. Thank you for taking the time to express your gratitude personally to the teachers you work with! Your genuine sentiments touched my heart and encouraged me greatly!

  30. Thank you for taking the time and interest to show your support for teachers during this unprecedented period. Theses letters were wonderful. I enjoyed reading each of them, and appreciate your act of kindness.
    Karyn Messler
    Special Ed
    Middle School
    Pasadena, California

  31. Thank you for your messages to teachers! This is definitely not what any of us had in mind for finishing out the year. This is my 5th year teaching and I am being moved to another grade level next year, due to numbers. I am also in the process of trying to complete my dossier (to move to level II in New Mexico0, so it has been beyond stressful. Your messages hit home and I appreciate them! Thank you!

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Willard
    2nd grade teacher

  32. Thank you for the beautifully touching letters.

    God bless you all!

    R. Bass
    4th grade Math

  33. Tears of joy! Tears of sadness! Tears filled with emotion knowing that my students miss me as much as I miss them. (((HUGS))) to all the educators that are filled with the same mixed emotions that I am unable to put into words.
    **Thank you**

  34. Your encouraging letters are very much appreciated. You made me smile and cry all at the same time.
    Thank you all for your support.
    Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

  35. Thank you! The work you all do at prodigy is more important than ever! I am inspired by what you have created and the ongoing improvements and new additions you are making to your platform. My students LOVED tower town before school closed and I know they will LOVE Crystal Caverns. I wish I was there to hear the buzz as students logged in to new content on prodigy. In our first zoom call, I asked students what they were looking forward to most when they got back to school. MANY kids said prodigy. Luckily for all of us, 4 weeks ago we were able to distribute ipads to the whole school. Thank you for keeping my students engaged at school and at home!

  36. Thank you Liana, Stephanie, Erin, Alyssa, and Diana for taking the time to write these beautiful letters, they made my day! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful resource to continue monitoring our students learning.

  37. I appreciate so very much all the thank you letters. It is so nice to know that we are still thought highly of during these unprecedented times. All of you took time out of your day to HAND WRITE these letters. That is something that we all do not receive much anymore. Your notes of praise and encouragement are helping us through this difficult time.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Mrs. Hellums
    2nd grade

  38. Thank you so much! To see and read all your hand written letters of encouragement and support is priceless! Just another reason why I love Prodigy so much…the people behind it are equally amazing!!

  39. Thank you very much for taking the time to write these lovely letters! Your kind words made my day! I really appreciate all the work you do at Prodigy. It is such a great resource for kids to use, especially know when we are all working from home. Thanks again for all you do!

  40. Thank you for the letters! It made my morning much more special. Also, thanks for all that you do to help us as teachers!
    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Gulling
    2nd Grade

  41. Thank you, to all the teachers who are doing their best to help their students experience fun learning through your creativity.
    Thank you, Prodigy team, for making (free) distance learning available, fun, and engaging for our students. Prodigy is a big part of my students’ math skill practice.

  42. What a lovely way to start the day! The heartfelt words and acknowledgement meant a lot. Thank you for taking the time to pen your thoughts and the handwritten letters were a nice touch. May the 4th be with you all!

  43. Thanks alot for this beautiful appreciation letter.. Yes, we are missing schools but we are happy that we can hear and see our kids everyday due to remote-learning. A small msg for everyone stay home stay saffe takecare of urself…

  44. Wow, thank you for taking the time to write these. I needed to hear some of those beautiful words more than I thought I did.
    Merci 🙂

  45. Thank you so, so, so much for the verbal affirmations!
    To me, those mean a lot more than gifts. Words say so much and can be so uplifting or devastating.
    I am honored to be a teacher and I love my career.
    It is not easy to be away from my kids and vice versa.
    I am grateful to be surrounded by a loving community.
    Every day is a NEW day, a new inspiration, a new discovery, and a new beginning.
    Thank you for what you do and your inspirational words.
    Best regards,
    Ms. Franziska Kionke

  46. Thank you all so much ! Your words were received and heartfelt. This is definitely a new journey to embark upon but with God’s grace we can embrace together and make a successful path of learning for our students, parents, guardian and ourselves!

  47. What a thoughtful and sweet gesture! I loved each hand written note. Thank you for making us feel valued and appreciated during this difficult time. Never again will we take for granted the gift of teaching from our classrooms.

    May you be healthy, happy, and safe. From teachers everywhere, we appreciate the time and effort you put into making Prodigy a fun interactive, math tool where kids don’t even realize they’re learning because they’re having so much fun!

    Warm regards,
    Ms. Pess
    2nd Grade

  48. You probably don’t realize how much we needed to hear what was expressed in those letters. Thanks for taking the time to write them. 🙂

  49. Thank you so much for the handwritten letters. Honestly, at my school, we do not hear appreciation enough.
    Thank you so much.

  50. Thank you so much for the heartfelt appreciation. I have learned so much and been pushed to use technology that I was not comfortable with. But there is always a silver lining in all of this. We will become stronger and better. We miss our students and will always go above and beyond to help them.

  51. These letters touched my heart and brought me to tears. Thank you for doing this for educators. Our hearts are full of sorrow as we miss our students, and can’t close out the year with them in person. We all say “if I only had a few more minutes…” Those few minutes with our kids would be life-changing and so meaningful. We know we did our best while with them in the physical classroom, and we are doing our best while teaching in a digital platform. We continue to touch their lives and enlighten them. Thank you for your support and the wonderful gift you gave educators today.

  52. Your letters made my day! Thank you for taking the time to thank teachers! I love what I do and your sentiments touched my heart! Thanks for the thoughtful notes!

  53. Writing those letters was so sweet! Thank you for the encouragement. My thoughts and prayers go out for you, as well. Have a blessed day!

  54. Thank you very much for your sincere handwritten letters. Our district has been extremely supportive and uplifting, but hearing from outsiders means the world to me. I miss my students and the interaction in the classroom too much to express in words. Meeting in daily online sessions will have to do for now, but I’m praying for the day when we are in our school with our work family once again. Thank you for your support.

  55. So kind to see handwritten notes. It really makes the sentiment more personal, and it makes the recipient feel more valued in that you took time out of your day to put pen to paper.

    Happy Education Week To Everyone!

  56. This was very sweet! Thank you for taking the time to do this! *Virtual hugs!*

    Yours truly,
    Miss Castañeda

  57. Thank you so much for the kind hand written letters! They truly mean a lot and show us how much you understand what we are going through. Prodigy has been a life saver not only during Covid-19 but throughout regular teaching days. What a great resource for us! =)

  58. Thank you so much for all of these beautiful letters. When you become a teacher, you get used to the fact that just a small amount of people will express appreciation. After all, we’re not here for the kudos, we’re here for the wonderful kiddos. My students mean everything to me, and being away from them has been so tough. Reading these kind letters of recognition really helps lift my spirits. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

  59. Thank you for your nice letters. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to think of us.
    Thanks so much.

  60. This is so awesome and it came right on time! Thank you all so much! Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!

  61. Thank you for these wonderful letters. They mean a lot to us right now. Thank you for all that you do.

  62. Dear Prodigy,
    No, thank YOU for providing a service that my students LOVE! We have introduced many sites over the years, but hands down, yours is the most popular. I want to thank you for providing a great bargaining tool (aka: bribe) in the classroom! LOL

  63. Thanks to everyone, for taking the time to write those beautiful handwritten letters! Such beautiful penmanship!
    I read the letters through tears. They are greatly appreciated.

    Happy Teacher Appreciation week to each of you!

  64. Thank you for all your kind words and for continuing to help us keep learning math fun.
    This is still very much effective during this time of Distance Learning. Once again thank you for all your support. God bless

  65. Thank you so much for thanking us, your words of praise brought tears to my eyes… I do miss my classroom, students, parents and colleagues and I am doing the best I can reaching out virtually. Without your Prodigy Program complementing my math lessons and activities my students would not be as motivated to participate in my math lessons.🤗

  66. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Prodigy who provides many great learning experiences to my students at school and at home. It is true, when I say “Prodigy,” my students immediately smile and say, “When!? Now!?”
    …even on Google Meet!
    Wishing you all continued success and blessed careers,
    4th grade

  67. Dear Prodigy,
    Thank you for your lovely letters and expressing how we do feel as educators adapting to such a strange teaching circumstance. My students love prodigy and I have too! Thank you for : acknowledging the hard work we do , valuing our role as teachers, what we do for our students and how we care for them. It is most appreciated!

  68. Thank you! Your handwritten words are truly appreciated! We appreciate all the support Prodigy provides teachers and our students.

  69. Thank you for these personally-written letters. Thank you for your very thoughtful, meaningful, and appropriate words. I teared up reading them.

  70. Thank you so much for these letters you have shared with us! Your support at Prodigy has been so appreciative and I could not thank you enough! My students absolutely love Prodigy and I love how it allows them to still learn through the fun game! You guys are ROCKSTARS!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  71. Thank you! This was so thoughtful. I really appreciate the gesture. This is a trying time for our students and their families and we, the teachers, stress on their well being. It is nice to take a second to read your wonderful letters. Thank you again.

  72. Thank you for your handwritten letters. You all have beautiful handwriting! And thank you for Prodigy, a program that my students are really excited about and learn and the same time.

  73. Thank you for the kind, encouraging words! They made me feel appreciated! And, thank you for all you do to continue to make science an interesting and fun subject teach!

  74. Thank you! Your thoughts have inspired me. It makes the battle all the more worthwhile! Onward and upward, always moving forward for our students and the future!

  75. Thank you to each one of you for taking the time to write your beautiful letters! It was a mood shifter and lifter! My students and I love Prodigy, thank you for helping to keep students and teachers engaged! With gratitude!

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