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4 Fun Classroom Activities For Students To Learn Fractions

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Teaching the concept of fractional numbers start as early as 1st grade in schools that follow a national/international board syllabus. Yet most of the time, teachers find it challenging to teach fractions to students, especially in higher classes when the level of complexity increases.The main problem that arises with fractions is the lack of understanding of the basic concept. Because fractions are introduced to students as a completely new chapter in arithmetic during the early stages, it is important that teachers pay more attention to clear the basics of fractions before diving into the problems.Kids usually struggle with fractions at the start of the lesson but with practice, their problem-solving skills improve. To help students tackle fractional numbers and problems with ease, here are 4 ways you can teach your students to practice fractions:

1. Fun With Paper Plates

There are a lot of fun classroom activities you can do that revolve around paper plates and fractions!For eg. Teach comparison of fractions with the help of paper plates or get creative with your students by introducing pizza fractions in class. You can also make fraction flowers to help your students understand fractional numbers. For fraction flowers, you need paper plates and paint to create fraction wheels. Start the first wheel with a whole number (1) and then keep dividing the plates into ½, ⅓, ¼ and so on. The game is to mix all the fractions up and have your students put the fraction flowers back together.

2. Fractions BINGO

Fractions BINGO is an excellent teaching activity that enables students to practice working with fractions in an engaging and easy way.To play fractions BINGO, prepare a fraction filled bingo sheet for your students which have answers to the questions you have prepared. The idea is to solve all the questions and achieve bingo as fast as possible. Tip: To simplify the game, you can give everyone the same set of questions so you can go through each problem afterward and solve them together.

3. Prodigy

A great way to teach your students all the concepts of fractions is through the online math game, Prodigy. Depending on your school syllabus, Prodigy introduces fractions right from class 3 or 4 and covers all major topics related to fractions as the student proceeds.Prodigy is amazing for students because essentially it is a game that includes educational content. So your students learn to solve complex math problems while engaging in battles and solving math puzzles. Prodigy’s curriculum-aligned math content will help your students learn math based on their grade and proceed further only when your student is ready. So when it comes to fractions, your students don’t get anxious about difficult problems because every student moves to the next lesson only when they have mastered the current level. In turn, Prodigy also helps the teachers to check how much their students have improved. So you will be able to closely monitor your student’s individual progress and get accurate results of their assignments.Also read: How To Improve Math Learning Skills With Prodigy

4. Find Your Fraction Partner

This is a fun classroom activity that you can do with the entire class. Start the game by providing each student with a fraction card. Then explain to the students that they need to find their ‘fraction partner’ or make a team with all the students who have a fraction number equivalent to the one on their card. Once they have found all the members of their fraction team, they must sit down. The first fraction team to find all of their correct members is the winner! It is a very fun and simple game that can stimulate quick thinking for your students.   It’s normal for students to be anxious to learn fractions at first since it is a relatively new segment that teachers tap onto. But with practice, students are sure to get comfortable with the topic and have fun delving into the different forms of fractions. To further strengthen their basics of fractional numbers, it is therefore recommended that teachers should try these above games and activities. If you want to introduce Prodigy in your school, refer your school administrator or principal today:
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