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4 Ways Schools Benefit From The Educational Game - Prodigy

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Game-based learning has become immensely popular in the education sector lately owing to their interactive nature where students engage in an online educational game to play and learn simultaneously.Take Prodigy as an example of online educational games. It’s an interactive platform that has helped over 50 million students worldwide from grade 1-8 to master the key skills in math through cognitive learning.But how exactly does an educational game like Prodigy help students in the classroom and impact their learning process? Here are the top 4 benefits of using Prodigy in your school:Prodigy provides schools complete access to all educational content, progress reports, admin and teacher dashboards, for free. We believe in providing free education to every child and therefore schools, teachers, and students never have to pay for the educational content of the game.Apart from being absolutely free for schools, Prodigy also provides multiple user accounts that are accessible by schools, teachers, and parents. Some of the key features for teachers include:Aligning Prodigy’s educational content with the school curriculum.Creating specific and personalized assignments for students based on their challenges and difficulties.Real-time tracking to identify each student’s daily progress, growth, performance, and engagement.These features help schools and teachers not only to engage their students but also track their overall progress throughout the academic year.Prodigy provides school leaders with a dedicated support team who help them with the entire onboarding process. From understanding the school’s classroom requirements to implementing Prodigy, our support team helps schools at every step of the way. In addition to that, school leaders and teachers also receive personalized training to use Prodigy and manage tasks on a daily basis.With a separate admin dashboard, school leaders/principals/administrators also get access to comprehensive reporting, classroom usage, student engagement, and progress.Prodigy covers around 50 curricula followed across major countries, including prominent Indian curricula such as CBSE and ICSE. This helps teachers in aligning the questions and assignments based on the topics that are to be covered in that particular term, while students get to solve the problems and learn from an interactive platform. Prodigy also helps parents in monitoring their child’s progress in real-time and help them with challenges whenever required. With over 100K schools worldwide, using Prodigy for free, it is quickly becoming the most sought after math learning platform for students all across the world. Having 1400+ skills to master from 50+ curricula and over 75,000 questions, students can actively improve their math proficiency through this educational game.Prodigy also helps schools and teachers in taking a cognitive approach towards math learning by addressing each student’s individual needs, providing personalized assignments, monitoring the progress actively and using reports to address the challenges faced in learning.Prodigy has indeed helped millions of students in mastering math in a fun and enjoyable way. If you’re willing to introduce Prodigy in your school too, sign up for a free demo or refer your school here:
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