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5 Benefits Of ‘Education Technology’ Integration In Classrooms

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Living in the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our existence. When it comes to education, technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years. From tablets replacing textbooks to Google search engine being the biggest source of learning, education technology has completely transformed the way we grasp knowledge.The impact of technology, especially in schools is remarkable. Even teachers recognize the benefits of introducing technology in classrooms and the influence it has on this generation’s kids. The benefits are so widespread that schools and teachers are rapidly adopting new technologies for a more interactive approach to education. Here are 5 benefits of introducing education technology in classrooms:With education technology in classrooms, teachers have observed an increase in collaboration among students. When working on group projects or learning through online resources, students tend to collaborate more effectively and help their peers out. Edtech not only helps students interact more but also develop their collaboration skills to work in bigger groups and build team spirit.Education technology provides more opportunities for interaction between students and teachers. Where traditional teaching methods has always been one-sided, implementation of Edtech in classrooms make students more interested in learning the subject and also encourages them to actively participate in the class. In fact, 57% of teachers agree that education technology has had a major impact on enabling their interaction with students. (source)Education technology has made it extremely easy for teachers to monitor their students’ progress and make a note of their achievements. Online tools and platforms give teachers access to progress reports which is beneficial in understanding where their students are lagging behind or are in need of extra help. Not just for performance reports, tech platforms also help teachers understand the behavior of students through their attendance pattern, class interaction and retaining capabilities. This helps parents as well as teachers to identify where the student requires additional help and to what extent.Students tend to retain better when the lessons are both visual and verbal. So, introducing an interactive, engaging and receptive learning method in classrooms helps in registering lessons better while ensuring an active two-way participation at all levels.Better engagement in the classroom leads to better knowledge retention. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to introduce online learning games and technology platforms in their lesson plans for diverse and balanced teaching that helps students not just gain knowledge but retain it as well.From apps, e-learning to fun online educational games, there is a lot of engaging educational content on the internet that can transform the way students learn in classrooms. Many tutors even lean towards introducing “gamification” in classrooms for students to engage and simultaneously practice new lessons. The use of competitive scenarios, role-playing games, battles, and challenges ensures that students interact in class while also completing course learning objectives.It is important to acknowledge that students are already heavily engaged with technology. Therefore, introducing education technology in the classroom opens more doors, introduces new experiences, and creates more opportunities for students as well as benefits teachers. But as technology evolves, it becomes important for schools to adjust their classroom learning style to align with technological advancements as well.If you’re looking to introduce an interactive and fun online learning game in your school specifically designed to practice crucial math problems for students from grades 1-8, then you can  check out Prodigy. Prodigy is an online math gaming platform that helps students master complex math problems while fighting opponents and winning battles.Refer your school leaders and administrators to get Prodigy in your school for free:
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