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5 Effective Teaching Strategies To Help Your Students In School

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Every classroom brings together students with distinct abilities and personalities. Since every student has different capabilities, some learn faster than others. Because of this difference, it becomes a challenge for teachers to implement methods that help out the entire class.

Therefore, teachers need to come up with effective teaching strategies and implement innovative solutions in order to meet every student’s individual needs in the class.

Of course, coming up with effective teaching strategies that work best for all students is not possible because there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution in teaching. So here are a range of effective teaching strategies that can help your students to efficiently improve their learning abilities:

1. Visualization Of Information

Visualization is a great method to summarize or process information that has been taught in class. When students consume information through visual means, it helps them retain what they have learned for a longer time. This strategy also helps slow learners in class to visualize the ongoing lesson in a clear, simple and systematic way.

Therefore, teachers have started using visual tools like graphic organizers, flow charts, Venn diagrams, and concept maps that effectively help students to grasp information through visual memory.

2. Student-Led Classrooms

Student-led classrooms have become a creative way for teachers and students to interact and carry out discussions in the class.

Encouraging students to switch roles and become teachers for the day not only helps them in gaining confidence but also brings in a new perspective to the class. 

You can team your students up in groups of 5 who then take turns teaching a new topic every day. This teaching strategy helps other students as well, who learn from their peers’ unique take on the subjects.

3. Implementing Technology In the Classroom

Incorporating technology into your teaching is a great way to actively engage students. Using tablets and laptops in the classroom, teachers can introduce interactive online games like Prodigy for students to learn faster and interact more.

These educational games function as a platform for students to polish their skills by engaging them in a game module where they solve questions and puzzles all the while fighting battles and completing with their peers. 

On top of that, some educational games also provide teachers with a dashboard to assist them in tracking their student’s progress and engagement with the game. 

These dashboards help teachers to create assignments for students, monitor their daily progress, and understand where the individual is struggling. 

You can find many educational games for different subjects which will help your students understand the subject better.

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4. Differentiation

Sometimes differentiation is important in motivating your students and help them gain confidence. You can differentiate in your teaching by allocating tasks based on students’ abilities to ensure no one gets left behind. 

It is important to give assignments to individual students based on their proficiency levels so that the students with higher academic capabilities can challenge themselves more and the ones who are struggling, get the required support to improve themselves.

5. Inquiry-Based Instruction

Encouraging students to ask thought-provoking questions is an effective teaching strategy that not only inspires your students to think practically but also become independent learners.

By asking questions and working together to solve the problems, students get to be involved in the learning process. It encourages students to work together as a class and also helps them retain new concepts in a better way.

Creating effective solutions for the entire class can be challenging because every individual is unique. However, using a combination of teaching strategies can help in addressing each student’s learning ability and motivate them to learn more. Therefore, the best option for a teacher is to test out a combination of strategies that will help students to learn faster and retain more.

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