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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Child’s Mental Health During COVID Lockdown

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While everyone is trying their best to navigate through the COVID crisis, it’s understandable that kids might get overwhelmed and scared with the entire phenomenon of lockdown. As much as parents are trying to reinstate a scheduled routine to engage their children, it is also important to focus on their mental health.

Children are bound to experience increased levels of anxiety, irritability, and frustration due to lockdown which in turn might adversely affect their mental health. As lockdown extends and schools remain closed, children and teens require support from parents to manage their mental health better and foster positivity. 

Below are a few tips you can use to support your child’s mental health:


1. Take A Break From The News

Right now there is intense media coverage on COVID updates and information and while it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest news, after a certain point it can get more upsetting than informative. Try to limit your and your child’s news consumption each day and make sure that the news your child intakes is from reputable and non-sensationalist sources. 

You can use that time to engage your child in home activities that will help them unwind and relax.


2. Plan Workout Sessions

Physical health is not only good for your body but your mind as well. And even though kids cannot stay out for long, you can find ways to engage your child in some form of workout or exercise that will help them keep their mind healthy and reduce stress. 

Few ways which can ensure that you and your child stay fit during lockdown are to take walks around the neighborhood, go for bike rides, or have a fun yoga session at home. The most important thing is to get your body moving, which will also help you to keep a positive mindset.


3. Put Away The Electronics

Social media is thriving more than ever, with everyone always on their phones. Consequently, spending a large amount of time on the internet can have a negative impact on your child’s mental state. 

It is, therefore, important to power down the devices in the house, including those of parents as well.

Even if your child wants to take a break from studies and play their favorite game on the phone, try to find fun alternatives that can successfully engage them and keep the phone/computer out of their reach. Board games such as monopoly, ludo, and scrabble are always a hit among kids.


4. Take Time To Relax

Parents are doing their best to keep their kids busy and productive during lockdown while maintaining a daily schedule and continuing their education at home. But sometimes it is okay to just let them take a break from productivity and relax. Set time aside for your child where they can unwind and focus on their hobbies. 

From dance lessons, painting, gardening to cooking, help your child devote their time to learn something new during study breaks.


5. Get Help If You Need

While parents are always there to support their child, sometimes early signs of distress can go unnoticed. This is why doctors suggest to always talk to your child about their day and how they are feeling, especially during this time.

If you feel your child is having trouble coping up with the ongoing situation, it is wise to address the issue. Connecting with a teacher or a school counselor can be a great start. You can even talk to a child psychologist and get their opinion on how to talk to your child and support them during this time to put their mind at ease.


While there are a lot of articles that can help you navigate through the pandemic and support your child at home, the fact is, as the lockdown continues, parents need to take time out of their work and engage with their kids on a regular basis. Fostering trusting relationships with your child and having positive conversations about mental health and physical well being will go a long way. So why not start now?

We hope this blog helps you and your child lead a healthy life. As always, stay healthy and stay inside. 

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