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What Crystal Caverns Means for Parents [Prodigy’s First Adventure!]

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Your child may be spending more time at home, but they can still go on exciting adventures!

In fact, word on the Shiverchill Mountains is that a brand new adventure awaits your child in Prodigy. 

Introducing Crystal Caverns — starting on April 30! 🎉

Prodigy’s very first adventure takes players through fun quests with tons of new features, challenges and rewards. 

Sit back and watch your child’s engagement skyrocket as they explore the exciting new content Crystal Caverns offers — all while learning more math from home

Keep reading to find out more about Crystal Caverns (and why it’s great for you). 

What is Crystal Caverns? 

Miners love Shiverchill Mountains for its rich resource of valuable ice crystals. But power crystals — a strong source of magical energy — are even more valuable.

The largest source of power crystals is Crystal Caverns: a section inside Shiverchill packed with Crystals that miners frequently search for.

But lately, Crystal Caverns isn't as peaceful as it once was...And it's up to the Prodigy wizards to travel through Crystal Caverns and help figure out what's going on!

As soon as your child logs in, they can travel up Shiverchill Mountains and through Crystal Caverns, where they’ll: 

  • Save miners
  • Repair tracks
  • Travel in minecarts
  • Fight major bosses 

Players will also find new and unique features, like new monsters, bosses and exclusive in-game rewards!

Plus, they’ll meet a new Prodigy friend: Aspen Frost.

Aspen spends much of his time making sure the miners get to and from the Crystal Caverns safely during bad weather. He also sets up shop for them while they're working hard mining power crystals in the caverns.

In his free time, Aspen can be found shredding the slopes of Shiverchill Mountain. ⛷

Now that the fun is crystal clear, share the excitement with your child and watch as they hurry to log in!

What does Crystal Caverns mean for parents? 

Staying at home is the new normal right now, but keeping your child occupied all day can be tough.

The good news? 

When your child logs into Prodigy to explore Crystal Caverns, you can be confident they’re getting productive screen time and staying engaged with math practice like never before! 

While kids enjoy their adventure, they’ll practice curriculum-aligned math that boosts confidence and helps them achieve their learning goals.

Crystal Caverns offers:

  • Features that leverage exploration, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Dynamic gameplay that goes beyond battles, keeping all kids motivated to play.
  • Engaging elements that boost time spent in-game, increasing the number of math questions your child answers.
  • Infinite replayability and fun — each visit to Crystal Caverns is a new and unique adventure!

With all the exciting elements to discover in Crystal Caverns, your child will want to keep playing again and again! This will keep them occupied while they enjoy more math practice that really works

Set Goals and send Rewards to boost learning in Crystal Caverns!

Since Crystal Caverns keeps your child extra engaged with Prodigy, it’s the perfect time to encourage more math practice. 

Use Goals to empower your child to spend more time in-game and learn more math!

Once a Goal is complete, send a Reward to your child for all their hard work. They’ll receive an awesome in-game prize for their efforts, boosting motivation even more! 

How to use Prodigy

Log into your free parent account on Prodigy and set a Goal to upgrade the benefits of Crystal Caverns for your child.

Set goal now!

Looking for more ways to engage your child with math practice at home? 

Take their Crystal Caverns experience to the next level with a Premium Membership. Your child will unlock exclusive in-game benefits like members-only items, new pets and more! 

This makes them extra excited to log in and play, so they can stay motivated to practice math.

Benefits of a Prodigy Premium Membership

Prevent boredom at home and empower your child to improve their math skills at the same time

Become a premium member today
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