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Today marks Prodigy’s first #feedbackfriday. We have been receiving tons of great feedback from you recently and this is our way of sharing and responding to that feedback. We hope this encourages you to continue to share what you like about the program and where you see opportunities for improvement. This weekly post will also give you a glimpse into what we are working on here at Prodigy, and what new features you can expect to see in upcoming game updates. Our blog is the best way to stay up to date on everything related to prodigy. We also launched a Twitter contest this week that will continue to run throughout January. Share your Prodigy feedback on Twitter using the hashtag #MyProdigyMath and you and your class will be entered into a weekly membership giveaway! This week’s winner is Miss Nilmini Ratwatte from Peel DSB! Miss Ratwatte and her entire class will be receiving free Prodigy memberships for one month. Congratulations! We will be giving away two more class memberships over the next two weeks so don’t forget to share your feedback with @ProdigyGame.twitter picWhat's New?! In response to some of your feedback, one of the changes we have recently made to the game is giving students a second chance at answering questions. This gives students to opportunity to re-evaluate the question and perhaps determine where they went wrong. We have also added the functionality to allow students to use manipulatives in hints and lessons. We will continue to build out and improve our virtual manipulates as many teachers and students have identified this as an extremely useful tool. Your students will be excited to learn that we will be releasing a new zone on January 27th. Here is a sneak peak of what the new zone will look like! bg_1024
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