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Introducing: Focus Mode

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As a Prodigy Partner, your exclusive package of no-cost benefits like training, school tournaments and teacher resources helps you get the most out of Prodigy and boost student success. 

Now, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new teacher tool, exclusively for educators in partnered schools: Focus Mode!

Not a Prodigy Partner? Find out how your school can join — at absolutely no cost!

Tower Town Prodigy building tower

A new way to master math skills

With Focus Mode, teachers boost the amount of time spent answering math questions in Prodigy, encourage student mastery and build a growth mindset in students. 

Here’s how:

When teachers turn on Focus Mode, students are instantly transported to Tower Town, an exciting new Prodigy world. There, they build towers that represent skill growth — earning decorations and flexing their creative muscles.  

Tower Town gives students the opportunity to focus on answering questions and developing key skills. When Focus Mode is enabled, students are only able to work in Tower Town, and in-game socializing with other players is turned off. While every student can access Tower Town at home and at school, only Focus Mode keeps them there and encourages them to answer more math questions.

Prodigy teacher dashboard Focus Mode

When teachers set up in-game Assignments, Plans or Test Preps, students get the chance to work on Infinity Tower: a never-ending, endlessly customizable tower that stretches up into the sky. This helps them complete assessments and master key skills faster. 

What makes Focus Mode different?

Focus Mode gives students a whole new way to experience Prodigy! Here’s how it changes the way students play:

Without Focus Mode

With Focus Mode

Students can enter and leave Tower Town at any time while playing from school or home, and visit all the Prodigy zones 

Students are immediately directed to Tower Town upon logging in and cannot visit any other Prodigy zones while playing at school 

Students battle monsters and classmates to earn rewards 

Students work independently to answer questions and build towers
Students answer adaptive, curriculum-aligned math questions to win battlesStudents answer up to 50% more math questions 
Students answer math questions to win battles and earn rewards they can redeem for in-game items 

Students answer math questions to build tower floors, earn decorations and defeat obstacles

How do I get Focus Mode for my teachers?

Lumin trees tower town Prodigy

If you’re a member of our Prodigy Partnership program, all you have to do is let your teachers know where they can find it! Focus Mode will automatically appear when your teachers log into their Prodigy accounts, and we’ve put together a handy how-to guide to get them started. 

The more questions students answer, the more data you’ll have to make important decisions about math teaching in your school.

Not a Prodigy Partner?

Join our no-cost Partnership program for access to Focus Mode, plus an exclusive package of resources that includes:

  • School-wide math tournaments that engage students
  • Exclusive teacher resources and tools like Focus Mode
  • Personalized training and direct support for every teacher in your school
  • A customized dashboard to access data-rich report from the student to school level

Fill out the form below to find out how joining our Partnership program can help you implement Prodigy throughout your building.

Happy learning!

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