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The 21 Best Free Games for Kids in 2020

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“When can I use the tablet?”“Do you have games on your phone?”“Can I please have [insert latest video game trend here]?” These days, we have endless technology at our fingertips. Screen time is a huge commodity in most households, and your kids are likely no exception.  With so many options, it can be hard to know which games to get for your kids -- or how to budget for them. That’s why we did the work for you. We found 21 of the best free games for kids online that are safe, appropriate, and loved by kids! There’s no need to worry or break the bank, because these games have you covered!We’ve organized our list of free online games into these categories:
Free educational games for kids
Free math games for kids
Free coding & design games for kids
Free TV-related games for kids
Free creative games for kids
Free multiplayer games for kids
Choose any game from the list below to help you save more money and keep your kids entertained.

Free educational games for kids

These four free games for kids focus on reading, writing, typing, science and more! With these games, you can help your child learn at home. You can also use it as an opportunity to spend quality time together and stay involved in your child’s education

Home Base by Scholastic

This role-playing game takes kids on a lively adventure that brings popular books and characters to the digital world. Featuring tons of games and exciting explorations, Home Base will encourage a love of reading by reminding kids about their favorite books, and maybe even introducing some new ones! free-educational-games-for-kids
Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google PlayRecommended age: 4+Ads?  NoAdditional paid features? No


free-learning-games-for-kidsThis free typing game takes kids on a wild adventure, filled with lots of fun activities to help them boost their typing skills. From elementary to high school age, Typetastic has something for every kid who wants to learn or practice typing. Soon, they might even be on their way to breaking world records!
Available on: Web, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 4 - 18Ads? NoAdditional paid features? Paid upgrades for teacher accounts (free 60-day trials available). 


kids-games-for-freeWith more than 400 educational games -- covering topics in language, math, art, strategy and more -- kids will surely find a game they love, in a subject they want to learn. While kids have a blast playing ABCya games, parents can rest assured they’re safe and secure. Plus, they’ll build relevant skills they need to succeed at school. It’s a win-win-win!
Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 4 - 12Ads? YesAdditional paid features? Optional Premium Subscriptions to remove ads, gain complete mobile access and add multiple devices. 

National Geographic Kids

free-games-for-kids-onlineBringing the hugely popular magazine online, National Geographic Kids offers adventure games and quizzes that educate kids all about animals, science, history and geography -- to name a few.Not only is it informative, it’s also tons of fun! If you want a case of the giggles, try the “funny fill-in” section, where kids can choose random words and create wacky stories.
Available on: WebRecommended age: 6+Ads? YesAdditional paid features? No

Free math games for kids 

These two free games for kids are also educational, but focus specifically on mathOnline math games are perfect if your child is struggling with math or loves the subject and wants to keep practicing!

Prodigy Game 

More than 50 million teachers and students around the world love Prodigy -- the engaging math game that makes learning funKids create their own custom wizards, explore fantasy worlds and compete in math battles with friends -- all while answering curriculum-aligned questions to give them more math practice. Parents love Prodigy because:
  • It’s a productive use of screen time. Kids are having fun online while boosting their math skills!
  • It keeps children wanting to learn and helps them become lifelong learners.
  • It can help you improve your child’s math skills and stay actively involved in their education.
  • It’s adaptive and personalized, so every child has an opportunity to succeed. 
Plus, with your Parent Account, you can set Goals and give Rewards that will keep your child motivated to practice more math!  [embed][/embed]

Create or sign in to your free Parent Account today!

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Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 6 - 14Ads? NoAdditional paid features? Optional Premium Membership with extra features and rewards for players -- all educational content is always free.  


free-online-games-for-kidsIt’s easy to get kids (and adults) hooked on this fun math puzzleThe object of the game is to move tiles on a grid, putting equal tiles together so they can merge into one tile with double the value. Players then continue increasing tile values to work their way to the prized “2048” tile -- without running out of space on the grid. It’ll get your child’s logical brain working while they have fun!
Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft StoreRecommended age: 12+Ads? YesAdditional paid features? No

Free coding & design games for kids

These three free educational games for kids focus on computer science and design. You can use these games to help your kids learn how to create their own video game or program from start to finish!

Gamestar Mechanic

free-online-games-for-kidsYoung gamers will love this mechanical-minded platform that teaches kids how to design their own video games!Gamestar Mechanic features fun quests, informative courses and a unique design tool so players are equipped with everything they need to become real game designers.
Available on: WebRecommended age: 10+ For younger children, try Gamestar Mechanic Jr on PBS Kids. Ads? NoAdditional paid features? Optional upgrade to Addisons Complete Quest.

Code Karts

Start building computer science skills early with this pre-coding game!The game offers 2 modes: Classic and Competition. In either mode, kids take cars through fun racing tracks while also developing basic coding skills. To get each car to the end of the track, players must use careful observation and logic to figure out how to direct them there. 
Available on: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 8 and underAds? NoAdditional paid features? Offers in-app purchases.

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues 

Mix foundational coding with compelling mysteries and a familiar female character. Add a cute robot puppy, and what do you get? Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues!This exciting game teaches basic coding skills -- kids program their own robot puppy to help Nancy Drew solve the big mystery. Players also get to choose disguises and search for various clues as the story progresses. It’ll leave your mini detectives on the edge of their seats!
Available on: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 5 - 8Ads? NoAdditional paid features? Offers in-app purchases.

Free TV-related games for kids

These six free games for kids all come from TV networks or feature elements of popular kids shows. This means your kids can interact with their favorite TV characters or explore their favorite fictional worlds! 


free-games-for-kids-onlineThe TV network that brought us Sesame Street, Curious George and The Cat in the Hat just got even better!PBS KIDS games cover 29 different topics (such as math, ABCs, feelings or music). While playing, kids get to interact with all their favorite PBS characters, from Elmo to Arthur and beyond!
Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft StoreRecommended age: 2 - 11Ads? NoAdditional paid features? No

CBC Kids

free-games-online-for-kidsWhether your child wants to solve a tough puzzle or go back in time with a retro arcade game, CBC Kids has you covered.  This Canadian TV network not only airs great kids shows, it also offers tons of games -- including crosswords, puzzles and card games. There’s something for every interest!
Available on: WebRecommended age: 2+Ads? NoAdditional paid features? No


free-online-games-for-kidsFree games featuring Spongebob? Sign us up!Nickelodeon offers so many fun shows with hilarious characters. Now kids can keep the fun going away from the TV screen with the network’s online games. They’re guaranteed to stay entertained and laughing while they play Nickelodeon games!
Available on: WebRecommended age: 4+Ads? YesAdditional paid features? No 

Cartoon Network 

kids-games-for-freeWith these games, kids can dive into adventurous fictional worlds straight out of shows they love, like The Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time.Cartoon Network has tons of games to choose from on its website.. Plus, you can download individual games and play them over and over on mobile!
Available on: Web, plus individual games on iTunes App Store and Google PlayRecommended age: 6+ (varies by game) Ads? YesAdditional paid features? Some games offer in-app purchases

Disney LOL

online-free-games-for-kidsTons of different game categories (like racing, trivia, fashion and coloring, to name a few) + all the best Disney characters = a smash hit for any kid.The incredible collection of games speaks for itself. Disney LOL will surely keep your children busy and happy for hours!
Available on: Web, plus individual games on iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Microsoft StoreRecommended age: 4+ (varies by game) Ads? YesAdditional paid features? Some games offer in-app purchases

Budge World

kids-games-for-freeBudge World describes itself as “one app featuring all your kids’ favorite characters.” Judging by its selection, we have to agree. Characters include Barbie, My Little Pony, Thomas & Friends and many more.The game introduces a one-of-a-kind virtual world, where players can customize their own environments and play with various Budge World custom characters, called “Budgers.” Bonus: the platform also includes a recent feature that helps kids learn to code!
Available on: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: All agesAds? YesAdditional paid features? Optional Subscription to remove ads and gain full access to all content

Free creative games for kids

These three free games for kids will bring out children's artistic and creative sides. If your child loves creative subjects like writing, designing, building or drawing, then any one of these games will be a hit in your house! 

Toontastic 3D

coloring-games-for-kids-freeThis creative game from Google was built for storytellers. Imaginative kids who have an interest in writing, music, movies, art etc. are encouraged to sign up and start designing 3D cartoons and stories to share with family and friends!
Available on: iTunes App Store, Google PlayRecommended age: 6 - 12Ads? NoAdditional paid features? No

Quick, Draw!

Here’s what Google had to say about this creative experiment on its website: 
Over 15 million players have contributed millions of drawings playing Quick, Draw! These doodles are a unique data set that can help developers train new neural networks, help researchers see patterns in how people around the world draw, and help artists create things we haven’t begun to think of.
Essentially, players are actively contributing to machine learning research. At the same time,  they’re having lots of fun seeing if the computer can guess what they’re drawing!
Available on: WebRecommended age: Not listedAds? NoAdditional paid features? No

LEGO games

free-learning-games-for-kidsThe classic brand so many of us grew up with is still a popular choice among children everywhere. And with its web games, LEGO is reaching online audiences to encourage more future builders through play!In addition to the website, you can also download more specialized apps, like:
  1. LEGO Juniors
  2. LEGO DC Super Heroes Chase   
  3. LEGO DUPLO Train
  4. LEGO City game
Available on: Web, plus individual games on iTunes App Store and Google PlayRecommended age: 4+  Ads? NoAdditional paid features? No

Free multiplayer games for kids

These three free games for kids will help your child meet and interact with friends online in a safe way.They’ll be perfect if your child loves socializing with friends, or just wants to explore new and exciting online worlds!


This game takes kids on a virtual journey where they’ll explore new worlds, complete quests, create custom characters and interact with other players all around the world!Poptropica puts safety at the forefront of their business. This is why they created a safe communication system, where players can only interact using scripted chat.
Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 6 - 15Ads? YesAdditional paid features? Optional Membership with extra features and rewards


free-computer-games-for-kidsThis one is a kid favorite, and parents will love it just as much.The company’s mission is to “bring the world together through play.” This explains why they built a platform where anyone can join a growing community to play with friends, discover 3D worlds and use their imaginations to build and create anything they can think of!
Available on: Web, iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft Store, Xbox OneRecommended age: 10 +Ads? NoAdditional paid features? Offers in-app purchases

Animal Jam

free-video-games-for-kidsWith Animal Jam, players can customize animal characters and pets, and meet new friends within the game, while also learning about nature!This role-playing game is full of educational content, fun minigames and plenty of adorable animals! It also provides tools to help parents stay involved in what their kids are up to. If Animal Jam is a hit in your house, you can also try its mobile app: Animal Jam - Play Wild! 
Available on: Animal JamWeb, desktop apps for Mac and PCAnimal Jam - Play Wild!: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppstoreRecommended age: 9+Ads? NoAdditional paid features? Optional membership for extra items, offers in-app purchases

Free games for kids: final thoughts

While online games aren’t the only form of play, the right amount of screen time can be great for kids’ development. Any of the free games from this list will help you save money and ensure your child is having safe, productive fun. You can also use them for joint media engagement, to bond with your children and help them build important skills.Did we include your favorite free kids game? Let us know in the comments! 

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