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Learn at Home: How Prodigy Is Helping Students Learn During COVID-19

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Concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and school closures have schools and families quite overwhelmed right now to say the least. As parents and educators ourselves, we can imagine how stressful life can be in these uncertain times.

But just because schools are closed, it doesn’t mean your students have to stop learning.

You probably know that Prodigy’s mission is to help every student in the world love learning.

Regardless of where they’re born; their socioeconomic status; and, as we’re experiencing right now, pandemics and school closures.

In times like these, our commitment to this mission becomes that much clearer because educators are forced to ask questions like:

  • Will my students fall behind?
  • How will I keep pace while school’s closed?
  • What tools or resources can help my students learn math at home?

Teachers like you share the exact same questions and we want to support you in any way we can.

Table of Contents

Benefits of using the Assessments tool
What Reports are and how to use them
Access to Prodigy’s “How To” resources

Keep your students learning curriculum-aligned math at home and track their progress without having to grade

1st to 8th grade students won’t have to skip a beat despite school closures. You can use Prodigy to create lesson plans with the Assessments tool.

Assignments quiz your students on a set of skills. They’ll receive a fixed set of questions from the skills that you choose. It’s a great way to make diagnostic or summative assessments engaging and less intimidating.

Plans align your students to an expectation. They’ll work through the skills within an expectation at their own pace and will drop back to pre-requisites when necessary.

Test Preps prepare them for a standardized test. They’ll practice the specific skills that are assessed by your region’s standardized test, as your dashboard tracks their results!

So what math skills have your students been practicing? What math concepts do they need to learn? Use the Assessments tool to help encourage math practice at home.

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During the COVID-19 school closures, the Assessments tool can really help. Using it will allow you to:

  • Keep your students practicing curriculum-aligned math
  • Track all of their progress from your phone or computer
  • Deliver differentiated math content to scaffold your students

What Reports are and how to use them

In addition to the Assessments tool, you have access to insightful reports that can inform your instruction! Watch the 4-minute video below to learn what Reports are and how to use them.

  1. Progress Report
  2. Student Comprehension Report
  3. Student Usage Report
  4. Weekly Activity Report
  5. Placement Test Report
  6. Assignments/Plans Report
  7. Topic Coverage Report
  8. Curriculum Coverage Report

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Get the most out of Prodigy

Use these “How To” resources to help your students keep pace and have fun during the break.

How to Align Your In-Class Lessons Using Prodigy [4 Ways]How to Use Prodigy in Your Everyday Teaching Strategies
How to Pre-Teach and Boost Student Achievement with Prodigy3 Easy steps to differentiate using Prodigy
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How to increase time on task in Prodigy with Focus ModeHow to use Prodigy to prep for standardized tests
7 Fun Ways to Engage & Reward Students with ProdigyHow to use Prodigy as a relevant entry or exit ticket

Click here for our updating list of resources! We’re adding to it regularly.

We hope these resources help you in the coming weeks and months. If this was helpful, please share this article with your family and friends.

Together, we can ensure your child will be able to #LearnFromHome.

P.S. Follow the hashtag #LearnFromHome on social media. We will be tagging as many helpful resources as we can.

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