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How Prodigy is Helping You Prepare for the Big Day: EQAO

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Spring is on the horizon, or at least that’s what we are all hoping! But for teachers spring brings standardized testing, and in order for us to usher in the warm weather in true bliss, we all want to make test prep as simple and as effective as possible. In an earlier post, we shared the results from our case study on the impact of game-based learning on standardized test scores. The results were undeniably positive and definitely encouraging for any teacher who has adopted game-based learning in the classroom. So with EQAO coming, how can you use game-based learning as effective test prep? Luckily your students’ favorite math game has you covered. As an Ontario product, Prodigy’s education team is committed to helping you improve your students’ EQAO results.  We have been working hard to overhaul our current EQAO override feature, and today we have released our new EQAO Package! Capture3 What you need to know: The EQAO package is designed to assist students preparing for the mathematics portion of EQAO for Grades 3 and 6. The package will automatically deliver a pre-test, set a curriculum override for EQAO-specific skills, and complete a post-test. Results from all three steps of the package will be delivered to you in a way to help inform you about students' strengths and areas for improvement leading up to testing. As always, Prodigy will continue to take an adaptive approach to learning. If students are struggling with EQAO specific skills, the program will automatically differentiate by pulling them back to pre-requisites. With our specific reports generated for this package, you will easily be able to see where your students are in the EQAO curriculum and how far they have progressed. Our pre-test and post-test comparison will provide a snapshot into the specific skills your students have progressed through and skills that require more focus. Getting Started: We recommend all grade 3 and 6 teachers start as soon as possible!  Simply login to your Prodigy account and your EQAO package will be waiting for you at the top of your dashboard. Click ‘create your grade 3 or 6 EQAO package’ and Prodigy will guide you through the process. Be sure to check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for more information on how this package will help prepare your students for the big day!
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