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How Prodigy Supports Children At Home Through Online Learning

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The global situation and developments surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has become a major concern for everyone around the world. This unprecedented situation has also left most parents worried about their children. Especially when it comes to their education, parents are confused as to how to proceed with their child’s daily routine and learning when schools remain closed for the foreseeable future due to lockdown.

These are challenging times for teachers, parents, and children to navigate online learning, and this is where Prodigy steps in. Prodigy’s mission is to never let kids stop learning, no matter where they are. Therefore, as the situation gets harder, Prodigy’s online math learning platform continues to support parents and children through engaging content and interactive features. Here’s how:


1. Effective Game-based Math Learning At Home

The need of the hour is to engage children with activities and online learning resources to help them cope with the lockdown situation. And with Prodigy, parents can do just that!

One of the main reasons why Prodigy is popular among kids is because of the interactive and engaging game content. Through Prodigy, children are introduced to a world of characters and battles to keep them engaged while practising math and solving problems in the game. This not only helps them improve their math learning but also keeps them occupied and engaged throughout the day.


2. Differentiated Learning For Your Child

One of the most important features of Prodigy is content differentiation for students. Prodigy not only provides teachers the freedom to create assignments for their class but also personalises math content for individual students based on their learning ability. This means children can work individually and improve in areas they need to work on. Right now, kids are learning from home and therefore, it becomes very easy for teachers to provide differentiated content to help students who might require additional support and practice. 

Prodigy also supports parents with the Grade Override feature when kids are learning from home. They can use this feature to make their child redo an assignment or revisit a skill they believe requires more practice. Consequently, they can even use this feature to deliver advanced math problems if they think their child has already mastered a particular skill set.


3. Parent Dashboard With Reports

At home, parents not only get to see their child engage with Prodigy but also monitor the progress and get detailed reports of their performance on the dashboard. Parents have complete access to the topics covered, curriculum progress, weekly assignments and the grade level of their child. The dashboard also provides a basic overview of the child’s current and completed goals including the progress they’ve made.

Along with the dashboard, Prodigy also delivers weekly and monthly reports of the child’s progress in the game which parents have full access to. The report card gives a detailed evaluation of the performance in various areas. Parents can even use this to compare it to the previous reports and view the overall progress.


4. Goal Selections And Rewards

Right now, it is important for parents to use positive reinforcement and acknowledge their child’s accomplishments because it will not only make them happy but also motivate them to keep working hard and take their mind off the current situation. Therefore, this positive approach can be applied in Prodigy as well. 

Through the dashboard, parents can set short term and long term goals for their kids to quantify the progress. Prodigy also presents in-game rewards when these goals are completed by kids. This kind of reward-based approach helps them engage more with the platform and inspires them to practise math on a regular basis.


Staying at home and being indoors for a long time might affect learning and classroom schedules for kids. By introducing an interactive learning platform like Prodigy, you can help your kids stay productive throughout the day and give them something to be excited about. Learning from home with Prodigy also ensures that your child’s educational goals are achieved.

If you’re looking for an online learning platform for your child, sign up for a free Prodigy parent account and start your child’s Prodigy journey today.


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