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How to increase time on task in Prodigy with Focus Mode | Prodigy Math Blog

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Prodigy has an exciting new teacher tool, exclusively available to teachers in partnered schools: Focus Mode!Focus Mode promotes creativity, mastery learning and a growth mindset, all while increasing the amount of time your students spend answering math questions. When you turn on Focus Mode, students are invited to visit Tower Town, a brand-new Prodigy world! In Tower Town, students answer adaptive math questions to build unique towers and master new math skills. Students can’t access the rest of the Prodigy world while Focus Mode is on, helping them concentrate on math uninterrupted and answer up to double the math towers in Tower Town ProdigyWhile every student can access Tower Town at home and at school, only Focus Mode keeps them there and encourages them to answer more math questions. Not a member of our Partnership program? Learn more about how a Prodigy Partnership can give you access to exclusive resources and tools like Focus Mode.

Complete assessments faster with Focus Mode

When you set up an Assignment, Plan or Test Prep and turn on Focus Mode, students are instantly transported to the Infinity Tower. There, they’ll work on building a never-ending tower that stretches high up into the sky, until the assessment is completed.  Here’s how:1. Log into your teacher dashboard.2. Go to the Assessments tool.3. Start by choosing the type of assessment to want to create. Test Preps get students ready for standardized tests, Assignments quiz students on a given skill, and Plans allow students to work through skills at their own pace.For this example, let’s create an Assignment.4. Choose your curriculum and grade level from the drop-down menus, then select the skills you want to quiz students on.5. Select the number of questions you want students to answer from each skill.6. Name your Assignment and choose which students you want to send it to.7. Choose the start and end date, then select Create.8. Navigate to your teacher dashboard by selecting Dashboard in the left-hand menu.9. In the Student Usage widget, select Turn On under Focus Mode.10. Have students play Prodigy! They’ll work on building their own Infinity Tower until they’ve completed the Assignment. Once they’re done, they’ll continue to build in Tower Town. Remember: 
  • Focus Mode automatically turns off after an hour 
  • Focus Mode is only available for students playing at school during regular school hours
Now you’re all ready to go!Click to create alignment now!Don’t have an assessment running? Students will still be transported to Tower Town, where they can build and decorate creative towers, answer up to double the math questions and even play our new mini-game, Floatling Fling.Prodigy Tower Tower Floatling flingLog in and turn on Focus Mode today to start seeing the results!Prodigy's Partnership program gives schools and teachers access to exclusive perks, brand-new teacher tools (like Focus Mode!) and personalized training — at no cost.Find out how your school can join today!
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