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7 Reasons Prodigy Is Right for Your School

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More than a million teachers and school leaders across 90,000 schools are using Prodigy.

Here’s why.

1. Educators never pay for Prodigy

All math, reporting, and access to Prodigy is completely free — and free forever. The only way we make money is through a completely optional Membership for game features such as character clothing — an upgrade with absolutely no impact on Prodigy’s educational quality.

  • Free for teachers
  • Free for school leaders
  • Free for parents and students

2. Students stay engaged – and motivated

Students practice math and learn new skills as they navigate a fantasy world packed with action and adventure. Built to captivate students and motivate learning, Prodigy brings math curricula and custom assignments to life in a world where success depends on practicing and mastering more than 1,400 key math skills. Many students voluntarily play Prodigy for longer periods at home than at school!

  • Students interact as they learn
  • Instant, in-game feedback helps players stay on track
  • Students are rewarded for important achievements and passing milestones

3. It’s curriculum-aligned to your standards

Prodigy is aligned with the Common Core, TEKS, and other US, Canadian, Australian, and UK standards. All game questions map to specific curriculum outcomes — empowering teachers to reinforce key concepts, assess student progress, and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. All in-game content is created with clearly-mapped building blocks presenting key concepts in the right order — guiding every student towards fluency in core topics.

Aligned to major curricula including:

  • The Common Core
  • TEKS
  • MAFS
  • Math SOL

See a full list of the curricula we cover!

4. Learning is differentiated and personalized

Using in-game assignments and test preparation templates, teachers can align Prodigy with specific in-class lessons or differentiate for each student. If the teacher doesn’t use this feature, our algorithms will automatically differentiate while following your curriculum standards. In all cases, we help all your school or district’s students find the ideal pace — and path — to improved learning outcomes in math.

  • Placement testing to determine the appropriate starting grade
  • Ongoing assessment to find and correct existing knowledge gaps
  • Automatic scaffolding to address unique skill deficits and trouble spots

5. Research supports the use of Prodigy

Research suggests Prodigy can improve math scores and effectively supplement student growth. In a study involving thousands of students in 171 schools across five US school districts, we found evidence that schools enrolled in Prodigy consistently outperform those that don’t on standardized assessments.

  • Using Prodigy, 75% more students reach “pass” levels
  • 40% more students reach the highest levels of achievement
  • Improvements on test scores double those seen in schools that do not use Prodigy

6. School leaders enjoy dedicated support

Our friendly, passionate team of district partners are motivated to make every single step of your Prodigy implementation a breeze. Your dedicated Prodigy partner will meet with district- and school-level administrators and other program leaders to understand and clarify your goals, customize your plan, review your data to track progress, and help you adjust policies and teacher support as needed.

As a school leader, you have access to resources including:

  • Free training
  • Access to school and district tournaments
  • Guides, videos, and other materials for success

7. Progress reports with actionable data

Using automatic diagnostic tests, our progress reports automatically track student growth. Reports quantify and measure everything from where students play and for how long, to how they perform on assignments and where they make mistakes. School leaders access an exclusive dashboard with reports from the district to student level. Teachers get key data illustrating student growth, performance and engagement by student.

  • Gauge student preparation for standardized testing
  • Inform teacher instruction to drive student achievement
  • Pinpoint students’ working grade levels and their levels on key strands

School leader?

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