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Prodigy Content Update: TEKS 7 & 8 + Improved Differentiation

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Prodigy’s adaptive features just got better!

While your student or child is playing Prodigy, we’re adapting the material they receive in the background so the content is just right for them. We’ve significantly improved these background processes, which will:

  • Improve our placement test
  • Allow students to continually move upward based on their skill, removing grade caps after placement test
  • Increase the time between when a student fails out of a skill and when they re-encounter the skill
  • Prevent curriculum cross over
  • Prevent high number of questions in one skill
  • Significantly reduce the instances of repeated questions

We’ve introduced material for “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Grades 7 & 8. This rounds out our grade material so that all curricula now cover Grades 1 – 8. Check out our skill page here to see what we’ve added.

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