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Prodigy For Parenting: An Educational Platform For Math

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Learning math in a fast-paced education system can be challenging for many kids in primary school, especially when new topics and lessons are frequently introduced into the curriculum. To help them practise new skills and progress at their own pace, personal attention is very much required.

While teachers put their time and effort in the class to help kids, there might be a lag that needs to be covered at home by parents as well. Practising new math skills daily should be a must for children otherwise, it becomes difficult for them in the long run when they advance to higher grades where the curriculum is even more complicated.

With the advancement in educational technologies and the reforms made towards learning by using new and modern methods like online courses, learning apps, and video-based tutorials, learning math has become effective and fun for kids, at the comfort of their home.

Amongst these modern teaching methods of learning, one of the most-effective techniques to make the whole process enjoyable, interactive and engaging is game-based learning. It is a simple, proven concept that covers the 4 important essentials of learning - Motivation, Relevant Practice, Timely Feedback, and Surprises.

Game-based platforms not only promote education but also motivate kids to take extra interest in what they are learning. It enforces the curriculum and lessons taught in school through a game-based education platform that can be accessed at home.

Prodigy is one such math learning platform that makes math learning easy, fun and effective for children.


1. What Is Prodigy?

Prodigy is essentially a free interactive math platform built for children from grades 1-8. Used by over 1.5 million teachers in their classroom, 70 million students to practise math and 3 million parents to monitor their kids’ progress, Prodigy is one of the most widely-used math learning platforms across the globe.

It is an all-in-one solution for schools, teachers, and parents as well. Prodigy in schools provides principals and admins with complete access to all educational content, progress reports, admin and teacher dashboards, for free. The platform also facilitates teachers to create assignments, plan tests and manage classrooms while allowing kids to play the game and practise math to complete their tasks. Parents get to monitor their child’s progress and understand the challenges they are facing in order to help them overcome the problems at home.


2. Why Use Prodigy In Home?

Many parents nowadays are concerned about their child’s learning and progress in the classroom especially for subjects like math. While they do invest time in helping their kids overcome math-related issues, making it effective and interesting is a challenge. 

So, Prodigy helps in winning this challenge for parents. It offers a game-based format for children to learn math that is being taught in class while facilitating parents with tracking and management through the dashboard. 

Parents will not only be able to get their kids to practise math in a way they’ll absolutely love, but also monitor their activities and progress in real-time.

Some Advantages Of Using Prodigy At Home:

  • A web-based platform that’ll work on any device with an internet connection
  • Completely free to use
  • Engage kids with challenging puzzles and quests through the game
  • Single dashboard for reporting and content management
  • Differentiation of content to help kids in learning at their own pace
  • Access to performance reports and historical metrics
  • Aligned with ICSE & CBSE Curriculum
  • Automatic grading and assessment


3. How Prodigy Benefits Children?

Prodigy benefits children by introducing fun and interactive math content in the form of puzzles and challenges to help them improve their proficiency level. The platform is so engaging that it makes them fall in love with the subject while boosting their confidence to practise and learn more. 

Prodigy also packs some powerful features, characters and levels within the game to provide a challenging, productive and sophisticated learning environment even when they are practising at home.

Some Advantages Of Using Prodigy For Kids:

  • Enhanced learning experience
  • Improved child-parent interaction
  • Engaging and motivating content
  • Hands-on learning via laptops or computers
  • Comprehensive subject-oriented math topics to master
  • Curriculum-aligned to help in practising the right topics
  • Reduced math anxiety levels in children

Technology is not just a choice in education now, but it is an essential tool to bring reformations and improvements in the existing methods of learning. 

With modern methods to teach, monitor and stay on top of your child’s learning process, it is not only easier and more effective to teach math but also contribute towards promoting a positive and lovable learning environment.

Making Prodigy a part of your kid’s learning process will benefit both in accomplishing short-term and long-term educational goals. Sign up for a free parent account to get started with your ‘Parenting With Prodigy’ journey!


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