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Prodigy For Parenting: How Prodigy Benefits Parents

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In our last blog Prodigy For Parenting: How Prodigy Works For Your Child, we briefly explained how a parent’s involvement in their child’s academics and education is necessary for their progress and development.

But with limited time and tight schedules that parents have, it sometimes becomes challenging to physically monitor your child’s daily progress and actively support their learning. Prodigy helps parents in tackling this challenge. It is a game-based math learning platform that engages children in class or home with curriculum-aligned content and helps them master math skills while providing parents with complete control over the goals, reports, and usage.

The previous blog covered in detail the features that benefit kids. In this blog, we shall look into what Prodigy packs for parents to help their child learn and grow. Let’s get started!

1. Parent Dashboard

Prodigy gives parents access to an exclusive dashboard where they can monitor their child’s daily progress and track reports. With the dashboard, you can review their current goals, recent activities and track progress. Prodigy also provides parents with an overview of the recent activities and curriculum progress to monitor their engagement and assess their current skills through placement test reports.

2. Report Card

Along with the dashboard, Prodigy also delivers weekly and monthly reports of your child’s progress in the game which you can access straight from your inbox. The report card gives a detailed evaluation of your child’s math skills in various areas. You can even use this to compare it to the previous reports and view their performance. 

The report card includes a monthly overview in various areas:

  • Total evaluation: The percentage of total questions your child answered correctly 
  • Evaluation breakdown: The percentage of questions your child answered correctly in each skill, showing their strongest and weakest areas. 
  • Goals completed/Goal overview: The number of goals your child completed this month. 

Curriculum Progress: The percentage of syllabus covered from each grade level this month.

3. Grade Override Tool

Prodigy also offers parents features like Grade Override to control their kid’s math skills throughout the game. Grade Override helps parents take control of what their child is learning. With the help of this tool, parents can override the adaptive function of the game and let their child focus on skills relating to only one grade. This helps children master a skill set they find challenging and rework on the problem areas.

4. Goal Selection & Rewards

The modern teaching approach has shown positive reinforcement is a great way to motivate kids to practise math skills. Therefore, Prodigy has adopted this strategy in the platform where parents can set short term and long term goals for their kids to engage more with the platform. They are also presented with in-game rewards once the set goals are completed. This kind of reward-based approach certainly inspires kids to practise math on a regular basis.

Prodigy has helped over 5 million parents worldwide to get involved in their child’s learning process and assists in monitoring their performance in school and at home.

Math is a crucial subject to start with, and if children do not get the right guidance, it can become more challenging as they advance. Therefore, it is important for parents to provide their children with learning opportunities like Prodigy that will motivate and engage them to practise math regularly and help them master complex skills with ease.

Making Prodigy a part of your kid’s learning process will benefit both in accomplishing their short-term and long-term educational goals. Sign up for a free parent account to get started with your ‘Parenting With Prodigy’ journey!

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