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Prodigy For Parenting: How Prodigy Works For Your Child

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The involvement of parents in their child’s education is extremely important for the progress of their kids, especially in the preliminary years when the development of logical and reasoning skills is crucial. This the reason why parents, especially gravitate towards monitoring their child’s math and science progress regularly to track their development with the help of educational technologies that track their overall progress and performance in school and at home.

Prodigy is one such game-based math learning platform used by parents to help their children learn and practise math skills while they monitor their progress on a daily basis.

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In this blog, we will discuss in detail the benefits of using Prodigy, at home and in school. This will give you a clear idea about the features that help tackle your child’s math problems in an effective and engaging way. Let’s get started:


1. Game-Based Learning In An Interactive Environment

One of the main reasons children start playing Prodigy is because of its engaging and fun content delivery. Through Prodigy, children are introduced to a world of characters and battles to keep them engaged while practising math and solving problems in the game. 

As the game progresses, children solve complex math challenges and complete new levels which ultimately help them master math skills with ease.


2. Curriculum Aligned Math Content To Simultaneously Progress In School

The advantage of using Prodigy is that, not only do children enjoy playing the game but they also simultaneously practise math skills that are taught in school. Prodigy reinforces classroom learning by delivering curriculum-aligned math content in the game as well. This helps students master math skills that are relevant to their syllabus and score well in their exams. 

Prodigy covers around 50 different curricula followed across major countries, including prominent Indian curricula such as CBSE and ICSE. Therefore, through Prodigy teachers can align the questions and assignments based on the topics that are to be covered in that particular term while parents can use grade override at home to help them learn advanced skills in the curriculum.


3. Personalised Content To Foster Individual Growth

What’s unique about Prodigy is that through the platform children can receive personalised math problems that are in line with their proficiency level. In school, teachers can personalize tests, homework and class assignments for each topic and override Prodigy’s automatic assessments to help students who might require additional support and practice. This differentiation in content delivery helps every child succeed at their own pace without having to compete with the entire class.

At home, parents can also use the grade override feature to make their child redo an assignment or revisit a math skill they believe requires more practice. Consequently, they can even use this feature to deliver advanced math problems if they think their child has already mastered the particular skillset.


4. Safe And Private Environment For Children To Practise

Prodigy is certified safe for children and has been awarded the ‘best educational apps and learning tools’ by Tutorfair.

Parents often fear the safety of a child on an online learning platform and question the kind of exposure the child will have through the game. The Prodigy platform takes utmost care for the safety of a child. Even though Prodigy is played online or through an app, there are no personal interactions or social networking that can happen inside or outside of the game. All in-game play is scripted and completely child-friendly.

To sum it up, Prodigy packs some essential features and benefits for children that help them improve their math skills in an engaging and effective environment. At a young age, children often find math challenging to master because of the fast-paced curriculum and therefore, most of the time don’t like studying math as much as the other subjects. It is, therefore, important for children to enjoy math and make it a part of their daily routine. This is what Prodigy aims to do for children. Prodigy helps children overcome their fear and fall in love with math.

Therefore, making Prodigy a part of your kid’s learning process will benefit both in accomplishing their short-term and long-term educational goals. Sign up for a free parent account to get started with your ‘Parenting With Prodigy’ journey!

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