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How To Boost Engagement with Math Battles at Home or School!

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We asked our community of  Prodigy teachers around the world how they engage their students with Prodigy, and they gave us so many amazing ideas. One of our favorites?

Prodigy math battles!

There’s no good reason why students should get to have all the fun playing Prodigy. Teachers like you are creating their own Prodigy wizards and playing right alongside their students to motivate, encourage and enrich their learning journeys.  

And while they’re playing, students are answering adaptive math questions and building key math skills. 💪

Plus, find four teacher-approved tips on making math battles work for your class!

Math battle your students in 7 easy steps

Join other teachers exploring the Prodigy world and start challenging your students! Here’s how:

1. Log in to your teacher dashboard at

2. Find your class code underneath the classroom you want to join.

Find your class code on the left side of your teacher homepage

3. Click your name on the top right corner of your screen, then select Play Prodigy from the drop-down menu.

Go to play Prodigy from your teacher dashboard

4. Log in to your student account with your unique student username and password. 

Haven’t signed up for a student account yet? Just select New Player and follow the on-screen prompts to build your wizard avatar.

5. Add yourself to your class by clicking Update and entering your class code.

Update teacher information and add new class code

6. Now it’s time to play! Select whether you’re playing from Home or from School. If you’re playing from school, the game will try to place you in the same world as the rest of your students, so they’ll be able to find you.

Are you playing from Home or from School?

Select School if you’re:

  • Playing during free time
  • Running a before or after school club

If you’re playing from home, be sure to tell your students which world you’re in, otherwise they won’t be able to find you! You can select a world to play in after you log in and select Home. 

Select Home if you’re:

  • Assigning Prodigy as homework
  • Playing with students while they’re on break
  • Engaging students who are learning remotely

Protip: Choose a world that isn’t very busy so you and your students have lots of room to explore. Worlds with green bars next to them are the least crowded, while worlds with yellow or red bars have lots of players in them already!

Choose a Prodigy world that's not too busy!

7. Get battling! Once your students find you, starting a battle is easy. Simply click on the avatar of the student you want to challenge, then select Battle.

Select "Battle" to challenge a student to a math battle

Students will get a notice through the Awards section of their toolbar after you send the challenge. Once they accept the challenge, you’re ready to begin!

Tips for battling your students

Teachers across the country love battling their students. Here are some of their tips for making the most of Prodigy math battles!

1. Create an alignment

Make sure your students are always practicing curriculum-aligned questions, even when they’re at home. Use the Assessments tool to create a Plan or Assignment before battling and make sure students are answering curriculum-aligned questions on their quest to defeat the teacher!

"I align the content to my teaching standards to use for time in math. In the awkward afternoon dismissal time I have them find me for a pop-up battle!"
Click to create alignment now!

2. Switch it up

Want your students to answer even more questions? Change locations every so often so students have to battle past monsters to find you. They’ll answer even more math questions on their way!

Play a mini game of hide-and-go-seek so students answer questions and complete battles as they search for you. It’s engaging for them and fun for you!

3. Communicate with parents

Make sure your students’ parents know that while students are getting in their screen time, they’re also completing skill-building questions with you!

From your teacher dashboard, print off parent letters with student login info to send home more information about Prodigy. 

Then, it’s just a matter of sending them a quick message letting them know where and when students can find you online.

Invite parents to join the battle, too! Students will love being able to challenge their parents.

"We host a Prodigy Battle Night with the parents each semester and the kids take this seriously. I announce that it will be happening at the beginning of the year so any time they play, they are trying hard to level up so they can beat their parents!"

4. Reward students

Looking for ways to engage and reward your students? Offer Prodigy math battles as a fun way to motivate them!

"During incentive time, I will put my account up on the smartboard and either battle against students or choose a stellar student for the day to play as me on the board. It's a definite crowd-pleaser!"

Save it for a rainy day, or do pop-up battles during Friday free time! Find what works for your students and watch them rise to the challenge.

Final thoughts: Prodigy math battles

Every student loves a chance to go up against the teacher. Make sure you’re giving every student a chance to play with you so your whole class can see the benefits!

When you prioritize engaging math learning, students become more invested and eager to succeed. In the words of of Mandy Doctoroff, a 2nd grade teacher from Texas:

“Battle your students and get into the game with them. It motivates them!”

No matter where students are learning from, Prodigy makes learning math an adventure. What are some of your favorite ways to get students excited about learning? Share in the comments!

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