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Pumpkinfest: The Exclusive Fall Event [Starts Oct. 1]

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Brace yourselves, Prodigy players and parents, for a spook-tacular event coming to Lamplight Town. That’s right -- Pumpkinfest is here again! For the entire month of October, this exclusive festival will be available in-game for all players to enjoy. We’ve got all the details for you to share with your child, to get them excited to play more Prodigy (and practice more math) this October.

What is Pumpkinfest?

There are plenty of reasons to love this time of year, and Pumpkinfest is here to make the season even more fun!Players can: 
  • Visit Lamplight Town Square, which will be decorated with pumpkins galore!
  • Earn Candy Corn from wizard battles or rescuing pumpkins in Lamplight Town.
  • Use candy corn to purchase exclusive items at the event shop.
  • Meet Kandi Korn, the brand new character in charge of Pumpkinfest this year.
[caption id="attachment_6142" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Kandi Korn and her cheery personality will guide players through festival fun all month.[/caption] Our event shop will be full of boo-tiful items that are only available this time of year. We have hats, outfits, wands, furniture and more!  [envira-gallery id="6143"] Get your child even more excited about these awesome features with our Pumpkinfest preview video. But wait -- there's more! To add to the spooky fun, we have printable Pumpkinfest masks for your kids to wear outside of the game. [envira-gallery id="6529"] Download all the masks here! Use the original versions, or let your child color their own masks with the black & white versions. And don't forget to share your photos using the hashtag #ProdigyPumpkinfest.

Why should you be excited? 

Pumpkinfest is definitely great for kids, but it’ll also be a treat for you!Since it’s still early in the school year, it’s the perfect time to encourage more math practice, so your child can reach their fullest potential this year. Getting kids excited about Pumpkinfest will lead to more time in the game, which means more time spent building important math skills in an engaging, adaptive format. It’s a win-win for all involved!

Next steps for Prodigy parents

1. Share the exciting news about Pumpkinfest

Tell your child about all the awesome features they can expect for Pumpkinfest. Soon they’ll be (im)patiently awaiting the next time they can play! 

2. Use your parent account to set Goals and give Rewards 

Keep track of your child’s accomplishments in the game and motivate them to learn even more math. Log in or sign up for your parent account to get started!

3. Ramp up the fun with a Premium Membership

Premium Memberships give players extra items and benefits -- like these members-only Pumpkinfest items: [envira-gallery id="6180"] Kids will love the game even more than they already do, and practice more math as a result. Plus, Prodigy now offers Family Membership pricing so your whole household can share the excitement!Click below to learn more:
Learn more about Premium Memberships!
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