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Starlight Festival and New Pet Releases!

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Attention Prodigy players of all ages: the Starlight Festival has come to town! ✨

The Starlight Festival is a special event available for at-home players during the month of June that indulges their love for adventure and asks them to help Mama Star gather star shards for her collection.

Once a day, a fallen star will drop in Lamplight Town. If a player finds one and wins the battle for the fallen star by correctly completing math challenges, they’ll be rewarded with exclusive star shards for their collection.

For the first time ever, players will be able to access five brand-new pets during the Festival without creating a new account. These pets will be available for students playing at home for a limited time only, so make sure that your child logs on to Prodigy to see for themselves!

Help your child succeed with Prodigy

When players are busy with new pets and exciting challenges, they’re also developing critical math skills that will help them succeed academically.

Every battle challenges students to answer skill-building math questions that align with classroom content, and the Starlight Festival encourages students to answer even more.

Set Goals for your children and give Rewards to motivate and encourage them to answer even more math questions. Click here to log in or sign up for your zero-cost parent account today to get started!

Still have questions? Learn more about how Prodigy can help you improve your child’s math skills.

Happy Starlight Festival!

Want to motivate your child to learn more math?

Our Premium Membership is a great way to encourage your child to practice — and love to learn — math!

I have seen many students improve their understanding of math concepts after reviewing the skills on Prodigy. My students who have the privilege of being able to access Prodigy at home show even more growth. Susan Phillips 2nd grade teacher Miamisburg City Schools
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