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Uncover the secrets of Harmony Island

Collect more runes, face greater challenges and reveal what’s hidden behind the shadows.

Go to Harmony Island now!

It’s time to unlock your true strength

Harmony Island needs you now more than ever!

Many wizards have proven their honor through Harmony Island's Rune Run adventure. They've uncovered the secrets of the island, showing great strength and bravery along the way.

But there is more to uncover; secrets that have been kept sealed for many years. And for the strongest wizards, all will be revealed in the light of day. 

The challenges will be tough, but the rewards will be plenty.

Venture forth to Harmony Island and prove your strength to uncover the Ancient’s ultimate form!

Your ultimate test awaits

Complete new challenges

Use your strength to fight tougher battles and reach higher tiers in your adventure.

Unlock more rewards

Earn new loot and rewards to add to your collection!

Uncover the truth of the Ancient

Release the ancient and discover their true form.

Collect more runes than ever before

Grow your collection

Complete new challenges and fight tough bosses to collect more Runes.


Runes grant wizards and pets a stat boost to make them stronger.

Choose carefully

Wizards and pets are only awarded 3 Rune Slots each. 

P.S. High tier Runes = better stat boosts.

Ready for the next chapter?

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