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Formative math skills made easy through game-based learning

Prodigy empowers teachers through a curriculum-aligned math learning tool that connects in-class learning to at-home math practice in a fun and engaging way

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Our Mission:

To help every student in the world love learning

Millions of teachers & students worldwide trust Prodigy to make math more fun!

150+ Million students

50+ global curricula Including CBSE & ICSE

2.5+ Million teachers

20,000+ registered schools

Prodigy creates a math learning environment that benefits everyone

A parent and child are looking at a tablet with Prodigy Math Game

For parents

Prodigy is a safe and secure platform for children to practice math skills in an action packed fantasy adventure. The game adapts to the child’s learning style and grade. With a dedicated account, parents can track the child's progress in real-time.

Make math fun
A teacher and two students holding tablets

For teachers

Prodigy helps teachers reinforce math skills with curriculum-aligned content and unique learning experiences and paths. Teachers can set assignments, create lesson plans and administer game-based tests to help students master math skills.

Engage your students

For school leaders

Prodigy eases the workload of teachers in preparing assignments and grading them, improves student performance in unit tests and exams and provides a dashboard for school leaders to track usage and assess progress.

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Prodigy is helping millions of students across the world learn math

Learn how Prodigy helps achieve superior math learning outcomes while ensuring a fun and engaging experience for students.

Prodigy’s game based learning for math works. We have proof.

STAAR exam scores were double for students who practiced on Prodigy math game in Texas, USA

More students who use Prodigy math game reach the pass standard for their grade

More students reach the highest levels for their grade use Prodigy math game reach the pass standard for their grade

Partnered schools in India

  • Global Academy for Learning


"Well, to start with "Prodigy", it's a math gaming software. It's fun. Graphics are wonderful... I myself enjoy much while playing this game. My school kids love it. They play in school, as well as at home. My daughter also loves Prodigy."

Bindu Vinay

Prodigy parent, Bangalore

"For the generation of today, manual or rote learning will not help and technological learning is important and I think Prodigy is the best suited tool for that. To summarize, Prodigy is a ‘Brain Gym’!"

Ms. Sushma BS

Teacher, Aditi Public School, Bengaluru

"I think it is amazing effort by the Prodigy team and our teachers. This has now become a core learning tool."

Mr. Anil Pais

Trustee, St. Joseph High School, Shirur

Exclusive Android mobile app for Prodigy teachers

  • Create assignments for multiple classrooms
  • View Individual Student Report Cards
  • Provide Remedial Assignments for struggling students

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Game-based learning keeps children interested in the topic and helps recall

Just like a play environment, game-based learning creates a familiar, zero-stress, fully immersive environment for a child to learn in. Gaming is popular with students, which makes game-based learning a win-win approach combining fun and learning.

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