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Help your child love math!

Motivate your child to excel in math through a fun and engaging game-based learning platform

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Help your kids with their math learning using Prodigy

Prodigy Math Game is just the thing to make your kids fall in love with math. Our curriculum-aligned game-based platform allows them to enjoy practicing math as they explore a fantasy world packed with action and adventure. Sign on and explore to find the magic that has drawn in over 90 million students – and their teachers – worldwide.

  • Prodigy Math Game’s adaptive algorithm matches your child’s learning style and grade level.

  • Track competency using the Curriculum Progress Reports and the Report Cards in the Parent Account.

  • Stay safe and private. Players correspond through pre-written messages and personal information is never shared.

90 Million Students

1500+ Schools

50+ Curricula

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Instantly understand your child’s progress

  • Learn where they excel and where they need more practice with your Curriculum Progress reports and monthly report cards. 
  • Find helpful insights in your parent account or get them sent right to your inbox.

Easily encourage and reward learning

  • Make homework a breeze — support your child using the powerful tools in your parent account.
  • Set Goals for your child, then send in-game Rewards once they achieve them.
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"Well, to start with "Prodigy", it's a  math gaming software. It's fun. Graphics are wonderful... I myself enjoy much while playing this game. My school kids love it. They play in school, as well as at home.
My daughter also loves Prodigy. She keeps saying, "Prodigy helps me learn math while playing". The characters in the game are brilliantly designed. She uses Alliaya as her character name. Being a parent and a technical person, I myself was against gadgets, and I don't encourage my daughter to use phone or tablets. But now the scenario is totally different, I'll be asking her did you play Prodigy?"

Bindu Vinay

Prodigy parent, Bangalore

"Prodigy has tremendously helped my child in overcoming the anxiety associated with the subject Math. She got really good at Math when she started enjoying the process of mastering skills through game-based learning."

Neha Chandran

Prodigy parent, Mumbai

"My child was always scared of Math until Prodigy came along! Now I can't stop smiling when I see him voluntarily practising Math and enjoying it too. Thanks to Prodigy for helping him overcome Math anxiety to such a great extent."

Rima Mahanta

Prodigy parent, Delhi

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