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Proven to increase math scores and confidence

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        Teachers, parents and students agree: Prodigy works!

        Jennifer, teacher

        "My son used his own birthday money to pay for a Premium Membership. Since then, his math skills have improved, he has spent more time working on them and his enjoyment of the game has gone up."

        Melissa, teacher

        "My daughter loves this game and I love that she’s actually learning! After using it for 6 months we upgraded her to a Premium Membership and WOW. All the extra incentives made it even better!"

        Emily, student

        "I want to thank Prodigy for helping me be smarter. I love being a member! You can get these new hairstyles, new clothes, those hats, those shoes… I can’t believe it! I recommend you play Prodigy right now!"

        Ready to increase your child’s math scores and math confidence?

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