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Elevate your child's math adventure to fun new heights

Exclusive Premium Membership features keep them excited to play more — and learn more.

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Perks that make learning more fun than ever

Premium Members get it all, so they’ll never stop learning.
  • Collect and evolve all 100+ pets for a team of learning buddies

  • Take their math skills further with all 100 floors of the Dark Tower and member-only areas

  • Get a monthly Member Box filled with items like wands and outfits that help them stay motivated

  • Plus more parent features — including printable Practice Sheets — to help you track and support their learning

Loved by children, trusted by parents and teachers

Choose a Premium Membership to engage your child

Save 25% when you buy multiple Premium Memberships in one purchase.
All plans automatically renew, and can be cancelled at any time.



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