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Level up your students’ math skills through effective and engaging game-based learning platform

Prodigy helps engage and motivate students to excel in math, while enabling teachers and principals to track usage and progress

With Prodigy Math Game kids don’t have to choose between homework time and playtime

Prodigy is a powerful tool for teachers to deliver superior learning outcomes in a fun and engaging way, through assignments that are completely aligned to major Indian curricula. Teachers can create engaging, differentiated math learning experiences for students and evaluate a student’s learning progress in real time. Prodigy also delivers an exclusive dashboard that allows school leaders to assess progress and usage reports at class and student levels.

  • Superior Learning Outcomes. Studies demonstrate better student performance on standardized mathematics assessments

  • Student onboarding and teacher training. Extensive training tailored to the needs of teachers and students

  • Exclusive dashboards for principals, teachers and parents. Access data that illustrates student growth and engagement

Schools will benefit from:

An effective tool to measure math learning outcomes in students without the need for teachers to create tests manually

Professional development support for teachers through training

A dedicated Customer support team to facilitate implementation and manage ongoing support

What teachers say about Prodigy

Successful Implementations

"The only take away from a conference I recently attended was Prodigy. This product has long sustainability as it caters to teachers, parents and students all at once! It's a one-stop-shop for kids to learn and have fun at the same time."

Mrs. Kavita Sinha

Principal, Nalapad Academy, Bangalore

"Prodigy has tremendously helped my child in overcoming the anxiety associated with the subject Math. She got really good at Math when she started enjoying the process of mastering skills through game-based learning."

Neha Chandran

Parent, Mumbai

"After playing Prodigy game, most of the kids are getting over their phobia of learning math, as they learn concepts in a fun way at their own pace."

Neetu Kwatra

Teacher, Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

Partnered Schools in India

90 Million Students

1500+ Schools

50+ Curricula



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