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Help your child learn with 1-on-1 online Math Tutoring

Every child learns differently. Prodigy Math Tutors are certified teachers who adapt their style and lessons to teach your child in the way they learn best.

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1-on-1 learning is effective and fun!

Our flexible online tutoring approach is curriculum-aligned for children in 1st through 8th grade. Our mission is to help every student love learning.

We help your child:

  • Reach their highest potential

  • Advance beyond their grade level

  • Increase their confidence in math

  • Get homework help and extra practice

  • Love learning

Our online Math Tutors tailor lessons to your child's needs


"I love that 'aha' moment that comes from getting something after struggling with a topic."


"I love helping students increase their mathematical confidence while achieving their academic goals."


"Helping to mold the future generation is extremely gratifying."


"I treasure the relationships that I've built with each of my students, and I love watching them become more confident in a subject that I struggled with when I was their age."

An engaging and convenient way to learn math 1-on-1

  • Access the tutoring sessions from the comfort of your home. Your child and their Math Tutor work together through math problems by typing, drawing and manipulating shapes in our online, interactive classroom.

  • Your child and their Math Tutor continue to learn together and build upon the foundation of each lesson. You can book sessions as needed, directly with your Math Tutor. No commitment is required.

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Here's how to get started


Take a couple minutes to fill out a request to let us know what days and times work best for you. We will reach out to you within one business day with scheduling options.

Test it out for free

Your first session is a free consultation and mini-lesson in one. You and your child meet your Math Tutor using online conferencing, discuss learning goals, and dive into a lesson.

Continue to learn

For each follow-up tutoring session, your child will continue to learn with their Math Tutor. You can book sessions as needed directly with your Math Tutor.

Stay informed

Your Math Tutor will send you notes on your child's progress and outline next steps following each session.

Choose the pricing plan that works for you



For your first 30 minute session

What to expect:

  • Mini math lesson

  • Meet your Math Tutor

  • Review your child's learning goals

  • Explore our digital classroom





Per 30-minute session when you purchase 3 or more!

What's included:

  • 30-minute tutoring session

  • Session notes + next steps

  • Effective learning: money back guarantee



Per 30-minute session

What's included:

  • 30-minute tutoring session

  • Session notes + next steps

  • Effective learning: money back guarantee

Here's what parents are saying

"My 8 year old son struggled with Math. He is ADHD and dyslexic. His teacher recommended Prodigy and he loves it!... Today he took his disctrict Math assessment and only missed 2 questions, which is amazing for him. Because of his wonderful teacher and Prodigy he finally loves math."

Patty F


"My daughter is excelling at the grade 2 material because she loves the game so much, and... I'm a little bit jealous. :) Where was Prodigy when we were kids!?!?!?"

Sean G


"I love that you have the curriculum but level them up when they can move on. Alex is in 3rd grade and takes 4th grade math at school and on Prodigy he's getting a mix of 4th and 5th grade math!"

Leslie P


Frequently Asked Questions

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