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How to Boost Student Success with the New Crystal Caverns Adventure!

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A wooden cart on a track, headed through Crystal Caverns in the Prodigy world.

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Every journey starts with an adventure.

Introducing Prodigy’s first one ever — Crystal Caverns! 💎

Teachers, we have a very exciting announcement for you and your students: 

Starting April 30, your students can embark on a journey that pushes engagement to new heights and presents new ways to promote positive attitudes towards math.

The brand new  and first of many  Crystal Caverns adventure takes players through fun quests with tons of new in-game features, challenges and rewards. 

And here’s why it’s great for you

Crystal Caverns: Benefits for Teachers

Crystal Caverns rocks for players — and it’s awesome for teachers, too!

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It offers:

  • Engaging gameplay to help boost time spent in-game. 
  • An opportunity to help students learn more from home.
  • A rewarding and accessible experience for students.
  • More options for exploration, problem-solving and critical thinking.

To top it off, Crystal Caverns also uses a dynamic form of gameplay, where players can practice math with more than just battles!

There are three phases to the adventure. In phase two, players can progress through a non-battle option, answering math questions to fix the minecart and delve deeper into Crystal Caverns! This means all students can stay engaged, keeping the whole class motivated to practice more math. 

This also means it’s the perfect time to align your students with lesson content while they explore.

3 Steps to optimize learning as students explore Crystal Caverns

While students have a blast in Crystal Caverns, you can align their math content to lesson plans and ensure they’re getting the most out of their time spent in-game.

Here’s how: 

1. Hype it up!

The best way to get your students practicing more math? Get them excited about playing more Prodigy! 

And with all the compelling features Crystal Caverns offers, it’s never been easier. 

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Share all the fun below with parents and students!

New activities

Players will:

  • Save miners
  • Repair tracks
  • Travel in minecarts
  • Fight major bosses 

All to receive exclusive in-game rewards!

New story

Miners love Shiverchill Mountains for its rich resource of valuable ice crystals. But power crystals — a strong source of magical energy — are even more valuable.

The largest source of power crystals is Crystal Caverns: a section inside Shiverchill packed with Crystals that miners frequently search for.

But lately, Crystal Caverns isn't as peaceful as it once was...And it's up to the Prodigy wizards to travel through Crystal Caverns and help figure out what's going on!

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New character

Crystal Caverns introduces Aspen Frost, the latest Prodigy character!

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Aspen spends much of his time making sure the miners get to and from the Crystal Caverns safely during bad weather. He also sets up shop for them while they're working hard mining power crystals in the caverns.

In his free time, Aspen can be found shredding the slopes of Shiverchill Mountain. ⛷

2. Check your Prodigy reports

Now that students are eager to play, it’s time to align their in-game content to your lesson plans! 

Sign up or log into your teacher account and check the reports for your classroom. 

We recommend checking the Student Comprehension and Progress reportsto see how your class is performing in specific domains and strands.

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An example of the Progress Report you'll find in your Teacher dashboard.

Discover what students are excelling in our struggling with to determine where they need more practice and which content to focus on. 

Find out more about what each report in your teacher account offers.

3. Align your class with Assessments!

Use the student data in your reports to align your class using our Assessments tool, while they spend time having fun with math practice.

With all the engagement this new adventure will bring, the benefits of Alignments are more crystal clear than ever before!

Match what you want students to practice to the content they’ll receive in the game. This helps you ensure math practice is fun and useful.

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For instance, use Assignments to:

  • Give questions on the specific math skills you want students to practice.
  • Tailor content to each student, differentiating for individual needs.
  • Turn formal assessments into amazing in-game adventures!

Or use Plans to:

  • Align in-game content to learning expectations.
  • Give practice in skills from a curriculum-aligned standard you want students to work on.
  • Let each student discover Crystal Caverns and go through content at their own pace.

Get your students ready to dive into their brand new Crystal Caverns adventure and practice more math, then sit back and enjoy all the positive learning outcomes to come! 

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