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How To Use Prodigy to Improve Your Child's Math Skills

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You want your child to love learning math. We want to help.

Prodigy is an educational game proven to get kids excited to learn math while improving their skills and scores!

Set Goals and give Rewards in Prodigy Math Game to encourage your child to practice standards-aligned math skills in an engaging and effective way. And best of all? It’s free!

1. Set a Goal to motivate your child

Parent involvement is one of the biggest factors in student success. When you set a Goal for your child, you’re motivating them to keep learning and tackling new problems.

Goals challenge your child to complete a certain number of questions correctly in a row. This encourages them to practice and master skills that align with lesson content, assignments or curriculum goals.

Here’s how:

Visit the Prodigy website and click Log In.

A screenshot of the Prodigy Education website log in page.

Then, select the child you’d like to set a Goal for.

Here you’ll see your Dashboard, where you can send Goals, give Rewards and track your child’s progress at a glance. To send a Goal, just select Set a new Goal and choose the number of questions you’d like your child to complete.

A screenshot of the Prodigy parent dashboard widget where they can set new goals for their children.

Go to Goal Progress to see your child’s progress, as well as how many Goals they’ve already completed. After you set aGoal, your child will receive an in-game notification. Check back to Goal Progress or the Dashboard any time to see how your child is doing.

A screenshot of the Prodigy parent widget that allows them to see how their child is progressing with their math goal.

A Goal is considered complete when your child correctly answers the specified number of questions in a row. When you set a Goal, you’re encouraging your child to keep practicing skills that align with what they’re learning at school!

2. Give a Reward to encourage your child

Your child has successfully completed a Goal — congratulations!

Naturally, you want to reward them for all their hard work.

Here’s how:

Once your child has completed a Goal, you’ll be notified up to three ways:

  • Receiving an email letting you know that your child has completed the Goal and you can now send them a Reward
  • Seeing a prompt on your Dashboard
  • Visiting the Goal Progress page
A screenshot of the Prodigy parent account goal overview section saying their child is waiting for a reward for completing the goal.

Follow the prompts to send your child a unique in-gameReward, which they’ll receive next time they log on to play.

Rewards remind your child how much they’ve accomplished and incentivize them to keep learning. Once you’ve sent a Reward, follow the prompts to create another Goal.

A screenshot of the Prodigy parent account goal overview after the parent has sent a reward to their child.

3. Repeat the Goal and Reward process

Continue to set Goals for your child and inspire them to keep learning new math skills.

By using positive reinforcement, you’re investing in your child’s future and giving them tools that will help them develop a lifelong love for learning.

If you have an account or would like one, log in or sign up to create your Prodigy parent account — for free!

Learn more about Prodigy's free parent account

Want to motivate your child to learn more math?

Unlock extra in-game content and fun rewards that boost your child’s motivation to learn with a Premium Membership. All Premium plans now include three new parent features to help you support child, which you can see below:

Classroom Learning

No more waiting for report cards or test results — get at-a-glance looks at the work your child’s teacher assigned in Prodigy and find ways to support your child’s learning.

Practice Areas

See the types of questions your child is answering as they play Prodigy Math Game, understand their learning progress and pinpoint new ways to help build key skills.

Practice Sheets

Use Practice Sheets to print off worksheets tailored to your child’s skill level and work through skill-building questions together. Plus, every set of sheets comes with unique Prodigy artwork for coloring in!

While your children have a blast with new in-game items and exciting pets, you’ll get insights into their progress that help you support learning whether they’re at home or at school.

"I have seen many students improve their understanding of math concepts after reviewing the skills on Prodigy. My students who have the privilege of being able to access Prodigy at home show even more growth." Susan Phillips 2nd grade teacher Miamisburg City Schools
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