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41 Special Holiday Gifts for the Kid Who Has Everything

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Ed from Prodigy holding a holiday gift.


Give your child the gift of learning this holiday season with a Prodigy Membership.

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It’s that time of year again! From Christmas to Kwanzaa and Hanukkah to Diwali – there are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate the 2022/23 holiday season this year.

But with toy stock running low and prices ramping up, trying to find a holiday gift for your child just isn't as easy as it used to be.

And trying to find that special holiday gift for the kid who seems to have everything is even harder.  

But have no fear, we’re here to help! We’ve searched every nook and cranny to find you the very best selection of holiday gifts your kids will love – even if they have everything!

Take a look at these meaningful holiday gift ideas for kids and find out how to pick the right one for your child below.

Educational & STEM gifts for kids

Is your child fascinated by all things math and science — like dinosaurs, robots and space? Bring out their inner Einstein with something from this selection of educational and STEM gifts for kids.

1. Prodigy Math

Ages: 5 - 13 

Price: Free educational content with Memberships available!

Does your child love playing games, caring for cute pets or venturing out on epic fantasy adventures? If so, gift them a Membership for Prodigy Math this holiday season.

In this engaging online game, your child will discover the virtual world of Prodigy Island. There, they’ll take part in exciting quests, rescue adorable pets and cast spells as they show off their magical might.

In-game screenshots of Prodigy Math Game.

Along the way, they’ll answer math questions tailored to their learning, helping them build math skills while having fun! Parents like you can get involved too and follow their progress with a free parent account.

And with a Level-up or Ultimate Membership, your child can enjoy extra in-game content like new gear, more cute pets and even our extra-special Mythical Epics – super powerful creatures who’ll join your child on their adventures! 

When your child gets a Membership, you’ll get plenty of perks too! Give your child in-game rewards, set learning goals and receive math resources like video lessons to help them with homework!

Get a Membership
SANROCK U61W Drone for Kids.

Ages: 10+ (adult supervision recommended)

Price: $42.99 USD

Is your child an aspiring tech guru? This cool gift for kids allows them to easily build a drone and watch it take to the skies.

Other cool gifts for kids who love gadgets:

Triassic Triops Hatchery Kit for kids.

Ages: 8+ (adult supervision recommended)

Price: $17.95 USD

Discover your child’s inner paleontologist as they hatch Triops, also known as Dinosaur Shrimp. This very low maintenance gift is ideal for kids who know their triceratops from their pterodactyl! 

Other gifts for kids who love dinosaurs:

Eeboo Our Solar System Puzzle box.

Ages: 10+

Price: $15.75 USD

Available at: Crate and Barrel

Puzzles and jigsaws are perfect for kids to wind down after a busy day. Keep their minds stimulated with this 100-piece jigsaw that also introduces them to the solar system. 

Other gifts for kids who love puzzles:

Little Passports is an educational game for kids about cultures.

Ages: 5 - 13

Price: $27.95 USD per month (subscription service) 

Available at: Little Passports

Travel the world from home with Little Passports. Every month your child receives an activity kit based on a culture from around the world. This is a fun way to teach your child about different world cultures and global diversity.

Other educational gifts for kids:

Want to help inspire a love of learning in your child? Check out Prodigy Math!

Outdoor gifts for kids

The holiday season isn’t just about toys and indoor games. There are plenty of other ways to give your child something special and help them stay active outdoors, including these gifts ideal for outdoorsy kids.

1. Toysmith Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow

Build a Bird Bungalow is a kit for creating backyard birdhouses.

Ages: 5+

Price: $14.99 USD

Available at:

This birdhouse set has everything your child needs to create a homely habitat for local wildlife and birds. Birdhouse building is a great way to connect with nature and practice their motor skills.

Other gifts for kids who love nature:

Soccer set for kids holiday gifts.

Ages: 6+

Price: $21.24 USD

Available at:

This versatile soccer kit is easy to set up and is a great to get kids moving (and engaging in some family-friendly competition!).  

Other sports gifts for kids include:

Green Night Cat backpacking tent for kids.

Ages: 8+

Price: $69.99 USD

Camping is a great way to connect your little ones with nature and allow them to make memories along the way.

Looking to share the experience of camping with your child? Start by introducing them to backyard camping with this waterproof tent for kids.

Other gifts for outdoorsy kids:

Charitable gifts for kids 

When shopping for the kid who has everything, it’s easy to forget about what gifts they can share with the world. These charitable gifts reward your child for sharing their holiday gift with others while teaching them that even the smallest of steps can have a big impact!

Books for Africa charity logo.

Ages: 5+

Price: Free (donations can be funds or books)

Available at: Books for Africa

If your child loves reading, inspire them to share this passion with others. Kids can either donate funds or one of their favorite reads to children in Africa. Consider taking this step up further by helping your child set up a community book drive! 

Bunny doll from Cuddle and Kind.

Ages: 3+

Price: $75+ USD

Available at: Cuddle and Kind

Cuddle and Kind craft a wide range of cute dolls for kids, including mermaids, penguins, bunnies and more. Each hand-knit doll gives 10 meals to hungry children in the US and across the globe.

Logo of Oceana, an ocean conservation organization.

Ages: 5+

Price: $30+ USD

Available at: Oceana

Oceana is an international advocacy organization that works to protect the world’s oceans. Their adoption packs feature all sorts of fun gifts for kids, like manatee plushies, t-shirts, dolphin cookie cutters and more! Each purchase goes toward supporting aquatic wildlife conservation – an excellent gift idea if your child loves marine life.

Plushie of Red Panda from WWF's red panda adoption kit.

Ages: 5+

Price: $25 - $100 USD

Available at: WWF

Does your child just adore animals? Turn their interest into impact with this adoption kit. They’ll get to learn about protecting endangered species and will even be awarded an adoption certificate they’re sure to be proud of.

Art & creative gifts for kids 

Creativity appears in many forms, from art to baking and photography and storytelling. Encourage your child to showcase their imagination with these cool gifts for creative kids.

1. Kids Made Modern Photo Journal

Kids journal kit by Kid Made Modern.

Ages: 6+

Price: $19.99 USD

Available at: Made Modern

Journals and scrapbooks are a great way for kids to collect memories, gather their thoughts and express their creativity. It can also help with their social emotional learning!

Other gifts for kids who love arts and crafts:

INKPOT instant camera with accessories.

Ages: 7+

Price: $59.99 USD

Available at:

Does your child love taking pictures on your smartphone? Let them channel their photographic eye with a camera designed for kids. Pair this with the journal above and have an arts and crafts afternoon as they record some of their favorite snaps!

Other gift ideas for kids who love photography:

Double Sided easel for kids.

Ages: 3+ 

Price: $54.99 USD

Available at:

Encourage children to realize their inner artist vision with this creative easel. This plastic-free easel for kids features a magnetic board and chalkboard – ideal for homeschooling or helping them out with homework!

Other art gifts for kids:

Cooking and baking set for kids from Curious Chef.

Ages: 4+ (adult supervision recommended)

Price: $53.99

Available at: Creative QT

Learning to cook and bake are important life skills that will stay with your child forever. This starter baking kit for kids has everything you’ll need to get cooking and baking tasty recipes at home. Your child might even want to show off their new measuring skills too!

Other baking gifts for kids:

The Toniebox starter set for kids.

Ages: 3-13

Price: $99 USD for box, each Tonie is $14.99.

Available at:

The Toniebox allows your child to independently listen to stories on the go. Each story set is activated by a Tonie, a small figurine that includes tales from loved favorites like Disney, Peppa Pig, PAW Patrol and more! Parents can also record their own stories to the Toniebox for a great personalized gift.

Other gift ideas for kids who love reading and stories:

Is your child a fan of epic fantasy worlds and creatures? A Prodigy Membership might be what you’re looking for (now with our new Mythical Epics)!

Prodigy Math graphic as a holiday gift for kids.

The ultimate holiday gift for your child (and for you!)

Give the kid who has everything that special gift this holiday season with a Membership for Prodigy Math

Watch as your child gets to practice their math skills AND enjoy plenty of cool in-game content like new pets, items and a powerful Mythical Epic by their side! Check out what other parents like you have to say about Prodigy Math below!

With a Prodigy Membership, there's no wasteful packaging, no delayed deliveries and no endless lines at the mall. In just a few clicks, give your child the greatest gift of all – the gift that will help inspire them to love learning. 

Better yet, a Membership is a gift for you too! With a Membership you’ll be able to: 

  • Track your child’s math progress
  • Set goals, cheer them on and give them in-game rewards
  • Access Video Lessons and Practice Sheets to support them
Gift your child a membership

However you’re choosing to celebrate this season, Prodigy wishes you and your family the very best of holidays and a joyful New Year!

Ed from Prodigy holding a holiday gift.