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How to Align Your In-Class Lessons Using Prodigy [4 Ways]

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You’ve heard it all before… I hate math. Math is boring. I’m not good at math.

Some days it seems like nothing could possibly reverse students’ negative attitudes toward math.

That’s why it’s important to choose a math platform that fosters a fun and positive learning environment.

If you use Prodigy, you’ve seen the power it has to ignite students’ love for learning math! Both teachers and students agree that Prodigy is one of the most engaging game-based learning platforms.

Here’s a small taste of what teachers just like you think!

Did you catch that? ☝️

Yes, teachers love the engagement factor. But if you only use Prodigy as a fun free-time activity, you miss out on benefits like:

  • Curriculum-aligned math skill mastery
  • Aligning Prodigy to your in-class lessons
  • Insights into individual or classwide trouble spots

To make sure you get the most out of your teacher account, we’ve outlined how to align Prodigy with what you’re teaching!

1. Pre-teach with Plans

When you expose your students to a new math concept prior to teaching it, it can make it easier to understand and apply what they’ve learned during the lesson.

Pre-teaching helps students build knowledge and confidence, which increases engagement. It also decreases frustration because students won’t be playing catch-up. They’ll be ahead of the curve or, at the very least, familiar with the concept you’re teaching.

Use Prodigy to pre-teach new math concepts to your students by creating a Plan. Because Prodigy is curriculum-aligned, you can expose your students to the exact domain and standard you’re going to teach.

Create alignment now!

2. Assess for learning with Assignments

Need to conduct an assessment for learning? Prodigy helps you easily deliver engaging formative assessments!

For formative assessment, create Assignments based on the skills you’re teaching. Schedule time for students to complete them during station rotations, entry or exit tickets, or homework!

Delivering Assignments regularly gives you the precise and timely information you need to adjust students’ learning strategies or set different goals based on their strengths and needs.

Create alignment now!

3. Supplement lessons with Plans

New math lesson plan? ✅

New math lesson taught? ✅

Do all students understand? ❌

Prodigy allows you to reinforce in-class lessons while differentiating content and gauging understanding -- with Plans!

Supplement lessons by creating a Plan that aligns with the math concept you just taught! You’ll select the grade, standard, expectation and Plan duration.

In the Assessments calendar, view your Plan report to see how long each student played, which skills they worked on and how many questions they answered correctly or incorrectly for each skill!

From there, you can see where your class could use more help and start think of how to differentiate instruction.

Create alignment now!

4. Practice for tests with Assignments and Test Preps

End-of-unit or -chapter tests, achievement tests, standardized tests… Do your students get stumped in the face of summative assessments?

Create Assignments to test your students’ understanding of the chapter or unit you just completed. For example, if you just taught addition to 1000, test for skills like:

  • Addition in expanded form
  • Complete addition statement
  • Addition to 1000 in place value chart, etc.

You can also use Prodigy’sTest Prep to prepare for them for standardized testing.Test Preps will give your students practice for the exact skills that are assessed by your region, and your teacher account will track their results.

These results will include a breakdown of what your students answered, how they did and where they might need additional instruction!

Create alignment now!

Use Assessments today!

As you’ve seen, many teachers are reaping the benefits of aligning their teaching with Prodigy.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Log in or sign up for your free Teacher Account today. 👇

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