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Is a Prodigy Membership Worth It? We Answer All Your Questions Inside

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Did you know?

Parents get extra tools in their parent account when their child gets a Membership.

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“Is a Prodigy membership worth it?”

It’s an important question to ask (since kids “need” to have all the apps 😅).

Prodigy Math — is free to play. But upgrading to a Math Membership unlocks extra rewards and game content for your child. Plus, parents like you gain access to exclusive features that help support their learning!

If you’re considering upgrading your account, you might be asking:

  • Is it worth it?
  • What’s the value?
  • Is it necessary for my child?
  • What does it actually provide?

We’re here to support you. This guide will outline everything you need to know to make an informed decision and find the Membership package that works best for your family. 

1. Is a Prodigy Membership worth it?

"What are the benefits of a Membership? Is it worth buying?"

Most parents choose Memberships for one of these three reasons:

  1. To promote independent learning and productive screen time.
  2. As a convenient reward that can motivate their child to keep learning.
  3. As an easy way to support their child, track their progress and help them develop a growth mindset.
Daughter sits with mother using laptop.

On top of this, it can help your child:

  • Feel more motivated to achieve learning goals
  • Become more confident and comfortable with math
  • Find more joy in learning and develop a positive attitude towards math

All these benefits can set your child up for incredible success, both in school and beyond.

The more they engage with and have fun learning now, the more they’ll love learning for the rest of their lives.

But the benefits don't stop there! Memberships can help parents like you:

  • Easily play an active role in your child's education
  • Stay involved and up-to-date on your child's learning progress and goals
  • Encourage and motivate your child to learn in a way that works best for them

2. What does a Membership provide for kids and parents?

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"What does my child actually get by becoming a member? What do I get?"

At Prodigy, we believe access to education should be a basic human right.

Through this approach, approximately *20 million students a year enjoy free access to more than 50,000 math questions and 1,500 curriculum-aligned skills in Prodigy's game-based learning platform. 🌟 This unrivalled free access is supported by optional Memberships.

Because of this, Memberships are designed to make Prodigy more exciting for students and more informative for parents, without changing the educational experience!

*as of 2023

Prodigy Level Up

The Level Up Membership is your first step up from Prodigy Basic (the free account).

Starting at $6.25 USD per month, this package offers everything in Prodigy Basic, plus even more features to help your child stay engaged and practice more math! 

For students, this includes the ability to:

  1. Track down and tame powerful EPIC creatures.
  2. Rescue 100+ Prodigy pets and evolve ALL of them.
  3. Access hundreds of members-only gear and items to customize their Prodigy wizards with.
  4. Explore membership-exclusive game areas, such as the Dark Tower and Rune Runs options on Harmony Island.

On top of all the awesome benefits for kids, parents like you get powerful ones, too!

  1. Set Goals for your child and send in-game Rewards when they achieve them.
  2. Cheer Them On with fun, encouraging messages your child will receive in-game.
  3. Get Comparison Insights to discover how your child is performing alongside their peers.
  4. Access Grade Override to adjust the difficulty of the questions your child will encounter in-game.
  5. Use the Practice Areas tool to track your child’s progress and see specific questions they're struggling with.
  6. Access curated Video Lessons or printable Practice Sheets to help your child learn more about concepts they may need help with.

All this plus access to all upcoming Level Up features!

Get a Prodigy Level Up Membership now!

Prodigy Ultimate

Want even more access to everything Prodigy has to offer?

Starting at $8.33 USD per month, the Ultimate Membership is Prodigy's most comprehensive package to help your child maximize their fun AND learning!

It offers everything in Prodigy Level Up, plus:

1. For kids:

  • Access to the Ultimate Member Box, which includes one exclusive Ultimate item and one exclusive Ultimate pet per season!

2. For parents:

  • The ability to set more challenging Goals for your child and choose from over 40 exciting in-game Rewards.
  • Access to Focus Mode to help encourage your child to answer more questions at home.
Get a Prodigy Ultimate Membership now!

3. What's the value of a Membership?

Student using laptop and raising arms in excitement.

"How do the benefits of Memberships work? Why are results better if the in-game educational content doesn’t change?"

As a parent, you might be curious about the value of purchasing a Membership — especially if your child already loves Prodigy and sees awesome results from it.

But the great thing about Memberships is that they can maximize engagement, making your child extra enthusiastic to log in and build math skills.

This is great news for everyone, since more time spent playing equals more time spent learning! 💪

Because of the engaging in-game features your child gets with a Membership, you’ll probably find them choosing Prodigy more often. This means more time spent using productive (and fun!) technology that can boost learning outcomes.

4. Is a Membership necessary?

"Does my child really need a Membership to gain the benefits of Prodigy?"

Whether your child has one or not, you can find comfort in knowing:

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The Prodigy Basic package

Prodigy Basic allows you to help your child practice math while they have fun exploring the Prodigy world!

This default package is absolutely free, and still includes tons of engaging and educational content — for kids and parents

The game

Most Prodigy players agree: the free version is still tons of fun.

The online math game is so engaging, kids often don’t realize how much they’re actually learning.

With a free package, your child has access to:

  • All 11 zones, plus hundreds of quests within Prodigy Math.
  • All starter and non-evolved pets, plus the ability to collect up to a team of ten.
  • More than 300+ in-game items to earn, discover and use to customize your Prodigy wizard.
  • Standard math and English educational content, including in-game questions, learning modules and video lessons.

And while the game engages your child, our adaptive algorithm always has their back. So you can be sure they’re practicing math at a pace and level that’s right for them.

The parent account

Creating a Prodigy Basic parent account is free. This means, Membership or not, you can always access:

  • Instant insights to support your child’s learning progress through the parent dashboard and report cards
  • Monthly report cards, along with weekly progress updates that are sent directly to your email to inform you of your child’s educational progress.
  • See what they're learning in class, or review a history of their past assessments, with the Classroom Learning report.

So, is a Membership necessary to receive all the great benefits of Prodigy Math?


However, it does enhance all these benefits, so you get more of the amazing results Prodigy brings. Becoming a Member can help you better support your child's learning journey every step of the way!

Get a Membership now!

How to upgrade your Membership

Already have a Membership and looking to upgrade to a Level Up or Ultimate package?

No problem! Follow these instructions to upgrade your Membership and start enjoying your new benefits today.

Membership reviews

You came here with one question: "Is a Prodigy membership worth it?"

These parents and teachers think so! Check out what they had to say about Memberships.

As an educator and teacher for more than 20+ years, I highly recommend Prodigy Memberships because it helps students who struggle with math to work on their mastery in a fun, challenging, and engaging way. For students who love math, they welcome this creative way to work on stuff they know, and be introduced to stuff they don't! Through Memberships, students get to use more items within the game, and can learn new spells more readily. Bravo to Prodigy for creating this platform for all kids, whether they pay for a Membership or not!!!
I love that my students can play daily in school and at home!  When they join with their membership they are so excited about all of the extras they can unlock and explore!  Great gift idea for your child!!!!
Prodigy has been such a wonderful way to get students excited about the mathematics and technology connection. I have found that it is the most effective way to get my students to work on their math skills and strategies at home. Parents also enjoy being able to gift memberships to their children for birthdays, holidays or special rewards.
My daughter loves this game and I Love that she's actually learning! After using it for 6 months we upgraded her to a Prodigy membership and WOW. For her having all the extra incentives made it even better! We have tried several different games that play off as educational and they were just using the word to entice parents but Prodigy Game really is teaching and is truly educational.... My 10 year old loves it and it works well for us since we have seen actual progress... Highly recommend!
As a teacher, I recommend Prodigy Memberships because kids beg to play and why not reward their hard work with a bonus through membership! Prodigy is the only homework kids  won’t fight about completing.

Ready to help your child love learning?

Choose the plan that’s right for you and your family. We offer a variety of payment options — including Family and Yearly plans that will help you save!

Get a Membership now!

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