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Is a Prodigy Membership Worth It? Your Questions Answered

Laney Kennedy

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“Is a Prodigy membership worth it?”

It’s an important question to ask (since kids “need” to have all the apps 😅).

Prodigy Math Game — including all its education content — is always free to play.

Upgrading to a Premium Membership, however, unlocks extra rewards and game content for your child. Plus, parents like you gain access to exclusive features that help support their learning!

If you’re considering a membership, you might be asking:

  • Is it worth it?
  • What’s the value?
  • Is it necessary for my child?
  • What does it actually provide?

We’re here to support you. This guide to Premium Memberships will outline everything you need to know to make an informed decision that works best for your family. 

1. Is a Premium Membership worth it?

"What are the benefits of a Premium Membership? Is it worth buying?"

Most parents choose Premium Memberships for one of these three reasons:

  1. It promotes independent learning and productive screen time
  2. It's a convenient reward that motivates your child to keep learning
  3. It’s an easy way to support your child and help them develop a growth mindset
Daughter sits with mother using laptop.

On top of this, your child will also:

  • Feel more motivated to achieve learning goals
  • Become more confident and comfortable with math
  • Find more joy in learning and develop a positive attitude towards math

All these benefits will set your child up for incredible success, both in school and beyond.

The more they engage with and have fun learning now, the more they’ll love learning for the rest of their lives.

(Not to mention everything a Premium Membership now includes for parents!)

2. What does a Premium Membership provide for kids and parents?

"What does my child actually get by becoming a member? What do I get?"

Benefits for kids

The educational content in Prodigy’s game-based learning platform will always be free, forever. It’s a vital part of our mission to help every student in the world love learning. 🌟

Because of this, Premium Memberships make Prodigy more exciting for students to play, without changing the educational experience. This means access to tons of awesome features that enhance gameplay, including the ability to:

  • Level up 50% faster
  • Access to all items and gear
  • Ride an exclusive cloud mount
  • Unlock special treasure chests
  • Extra prize wheel spins each day
  • Ability to rescue and evolve all 100+ pets
  • Monthly in-game gift boxes with exclusive items
  • Fully customize your character with unique styles

Benefits for parents

Watch this 53-second video highlighting three new premium parent features:

On top of all the benefits for kids, parents get powerful ones, too:

  • Advanced reporting and goals
  • A more detailed parent dashboard
  • Access to upcoming premium features
  • Practice Sheets — Support your child with custom worksheets that make homework time fun.
  • Practice Areas — See sample questions of the skills your child practiced and where they need extra help.
  • Classroom Learning — Peek inside the classroom with a look at current assignments, past achievements and future work.

It’s the same Premium Membership your child will love, but with new features that give you on-demand info about their math progress.

Get your Premium Membership now!

3. What's the value of a Premium Membership?

Student using laptop and raising arms in excitement.
"How do the benefits of Premium Memberships work? Why are results better if the educational content doesn’t change?"

As a parent, you might be curious about the value of purchasing a Premium Membership — especially if your child already loves Prodigy Math Game and sees awesome results from it.

But the great thing about Memberships is that they can maximize engagement, making your child extra enthusiastic to log in and build math skills.

This is great news for everyone, since more time spent playing equals more time spent learning! 💪

Because of the engaging in-game features your child gets with a Membership, you’ll probably find them choosing Prodigy more often. This means more time spent using productive (and fun!) technology that can boost learning outcomes.

How do we know this? 

We’ve seen it firsthand! Kids with Premium Memberships

  • Answer more questions
  • Master more math skills
  • Spend more time learning

When your child learns more, they achieve more and become more confident in their abilities.

4. Is a Premium Membership necessary?

"Does my child really need a Premium Membership to gain the benefits of Prodigy?"

Whether your child has one or not, you can find comfort in knowing:

The game

Most Prodigy players agree: the free version is still tons of fun.

The online math game is so engaging, kids often don’t realize how much they’re actually learning. Especially when they can enjoy new, exciting features like the latest Crystal Caverns adventure!

A missing sign of the Yeti saying they were last seen in the Crystal Caverns.

And while the game engages your child, our adaptive algorithm always has their back. So you can be sure they’re practicing math at a pace and level that’s right for them.

The parent account

No matter what, creating a parent account will always be free. This means, Premium Membership or not, you can always: 

So, is a Premium Membership necessary to receive all the great benefits of Prodigy Math Game?


However, it does enhance all these benefits, so you get more of the amazing results Prodigy brings.

Since Premium Memberships boost time spent in-game, your child will get:

  • Better results, faster
  • More math practice and opportunities to learn
  • More expansive gameplay that takes fun to the next level

Plus, you’ll get more data for your parent dashboard and helpful features like Classroom Learning, Practice Areas and Practice Sheets. All this so you can better support their learning journey every step of the way!

Become a Premium Member today!

Prodigy Math Game membership reviews

You came here with one question: "Is Prodigy's membership worth it?"

These parents and teachers think so! Check out what they had to say about Premium Memberships.

As an educator and teacher for more than 20+ years, I highly recommend Prodigy Memberships because it helps students who struggle with math to work on their mastery in a fun, challenging, and engaging way. For students who love math, they welcome this creative way to work on stuff they know, and be introduced to stuff they don't! Through Memberships, students get to use more items within the game, and can learn new spells more readily. Bravo to Prodigy for creating this platform for all kids, whether they pay for a Membership or not!!!I love that my students can play daily in school and at home!  When they join with their membership they are so excited about all of the extras they can unlock and explore!  Great gift idea for your child!!!!Prodigy has been such a wonderful way to get students excited about the mathematics and technology connection. I have found that it is the most effective way to get my students to work on their math skills and strategies at home. Parents also enjoy being able to gift memberships to their children for birthdays, holidays or special rewards.My daughter loves this game and I Love that she's actually learning! After using it for 6 months we upgraded her to a Premium membership and WOW. For her having all the extra incentives made it even better! We have tried several different games that play off as educational and they were just using the word to entice parents but Prodigy Game really is teaching and is truly educational.... My 10 year old loves it and it works well for us since we have seen actual progress... Highly recommend!As a teacher, I recommend Prodigy Premium Memberships because kids beg to play and why not reward their hard work with a bonus through membership! Prodigy is the only homework kids  won’t fight about completing.

Ready to help your child love learning?

Choose the plan that’s right for you and your family. We offer a variety of payment options — including Yearly and Family plans that will help you save.

Become a Premium Member now!

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