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Long Division Worksheets: 20 Free Resources for Your Class

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You’ve conquered the challenging task of teaching your students long division

Now, you’ll need a way for students to practice the concepts that come with doing long division right. Long division worksheets are a perfect way to see if students understand what you’ve taught, and to let them practice these skills.

Worksheets strengthen skills by encouraging repetition. They help prepare students for higher-level math and help you see how effective your teaching strategies are. The only issue is, it can take a lot of time to put together effective worksheets.

We’ve got you covered!

Our free long division worksheets cover 4th and 5th-grade level skills to enhance your lessons. You’ll be able to practice lots of division skills with your class — from introductory equations to more complicated questions with remainders.

Make learning long division engaging with Prodigy Math, a fun and engaging digital game-based learning platform for grades 1-8!

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Here’s everything we’ll cover:

20 Free long division worksheets

Along with covering a wide variety of skills, our worksheets come equipped with an answer key to make marking easy and painless. Go to the grade you’re teaching and select the skill you want your class to practice. Then you can easily download long division worksheets individually, or all of them at once!

Check out all of our worksheets below!

Long division worksheets: grade 4

Can’t decide? Download all of our grade 4 worksheets here!

Long division worksheets: grade 5

Can’t decide? Download all of our grade 5 worksheets here!

How Prodigy can help you teach long division

Prodigy is an engaging math platform that helps you teach over 1,500 math skills, including long division, through digital game-based learning. 

Over 2.5 million teachers already use Prodigy to engage their students and even help them improve their math skills.

You can align Prodigy with your lesson plans, so students are always practicing relevant concepts. 

The Teacher Dashboard lets you:

  • Create assignments
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  • Access in-depth analytics tools

Reports let you see how students are understanding key concepts. You can personalize the learning experience of each student, based on what they’re struggling with or where they need more of a challenge.

For students, the questions you assign are all part of the captivating game experience. They travel on a fantasy adventure, battling monsters and collecting pets. Most of the time, they don’t even realize they’re being tested!

Best of all, teachers can create a Prodigy account for free and get started within minutes!

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5 Fun ways to practice long division

Check out our complete guide on how to teach long division to your class, if you need a bit of a refresher. 

Here, we’ll outline some engaging strategies to keep your lessons fun!

1. Visuals around the class

Visual aids give students a reference and help them learn terminology, concepts, and rules. Let them participate in creating these visuals, to create a sense of ownership and show they understand the concepts you’re teaching.

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Credit: The Owl Teacher

Your visuals can be full of helpful tips and tricks that make learning easy and fun, by connecting terminology with examples and mnemonic devices.

2. The herding game

Originally developed by Meg, from She Teacher Studio, the herding game is a great way to show students how to do long division by getting them active while solving equations. 

In this game, you’ll spend time calling out various animals and tell your students how big of groups to split up into. When students can’t divide evenly, the remainder moves into a “holding pen” until the next round. At the end of the round, get your students to help you write an equation that summarizes what happened.

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Credit: The Teacher Studio

For example, you may shout, “Zebras in herds of four!”

Students then split up into groups of four around the class. If you had 22 students, this would leave you with five groups of four and two remainders.


22 ÷ 4 = 5 r2

3. Pizza

Pizza is an amazing teacher and is sure to get the attention of your students!

You can use pizza examples to show how slices are divided between people. This is a great way to demonstrate both long division and how to divide fractions.

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Credit: Math Every Day

For example, you could ask the question:

If you have three pizzas with eight slices each and six people to feed, how many slices does each person get?

Students can then use multiplication to find that they have 24 slices, and division to see that each person gets four slices of pizza.

4. Magic Square Puzzles

As seen on Hojo’s Teaching Adventures, Magic Square Puzzles are a fun way to help students learn different areas of math and engage them in a higher level of thinking.

Students try to assemble a math puzzle where each square piece has different equations and answers on every side. You can create pieces with long division equations and answers. To add an extra challenge, include questions with remainders in their solutions.

5. Word problems

Word problems can introduce students to real-world situations and get them thinking more critically. Word problems don’t typically give students equations outright. Instead, they have to think about what number needs to be divided and what it’s being divided by.

Try and come up with clever questions that are relevant to your students. We also have entire math worksheets dedicated to word problems, so make sure you check them out!

Conclusion: long division practice worksheets

Help your students practice their skills with long division worksheets. Use them at the end of lessons, as homework, at the start of class, through work stations, or during independent study.

When students practice with worksheets, it gives them a chance to see how well they understand what you’ve taught them. It also lets students ask better questions since the worksheets help them see where they get stuck.

When you mark worksheets, you can see if there’s anything you need to clarify in class.

Download our worksheets and help your students practice long division!

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