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New Features: Prodigy Planner and Topic Report

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Today we’re excited to release two new features to help you align Prodigy with your classroom and track student progress: Prodigy Assessments and Topic Report!

The new Prodigy Planer allows you to easily plan out the topics you want your students to cover in-game using a calendar tool.

To create your first plan select the “Assessments” button from the side bar menu and follow these steps:

  1. Select “Create Plan” and select the grade and topic you want to cover. To select which skills you want to cover specifically select “Customize the skills you want to include in your plan”.
  2. Select a start date by clicking the date on the calendar and then select your end date.
  3. Click “Create” and voila, you have just created your first plan!

When your students login during these dates, they’ll receive questions based on your selected content. There is a tutorial set within the tool to guide you through the creation process.

In conjunction with Assessments, we’ve also introduced a new report! The Topic Report will give you an overview of your students’ progress within any curriculum topic! Easily track what skills your students have mastered, are currently working on, or are struggling with in the game sorted by grade. Included in this report will be the number of questions answered correctly/incorrectly as well as their overall grade!

You can access the Topic Report from the “Reports” tool in the side bar menu or right from Assessments by clicking on your plan and selecting “View Reports”.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact support at!