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Prodigy Epics Are Back! + How to Get One

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Parents also get benefits when their child gets a Membership!

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Over the past few years, players and parents everywhere have shared with us just how much Epics mean to them in the world of Prodigy. 

So what if we brought them back on an even more EPIC scale?

That’s why we’re so happy to announce:


Prodigy Mythical Epics are here!

Find out more about Mythical Epics and how to access them in Prodigy Math below.

The why and how of an epic comeback

Previously, Epics were Prodigy toys for kids to collect in the real world. Each toy included a digital Epic code players could use to access the in-game characters they represented.

Prodigy Epics were discontinued in 2019. But all the love our players had for them didn’t go unnoticed. And while we couldn’t bring the physical toys back, we decided to give players access to these fantastic pets in the game again through our Mythical Epics update.

All players with Prodigy Math Level Up or Ultimate Memberships can participate in an exciting quest every month to tame a new Mythical Epic and have it accompany them on their Prodigy adventures.

What are Mythical Epics?

Mythical Epics are some of the most powerful creatures on Prodigy Island. Players can use them in their math battles to cast super powerful attacks and even have them as a companion as they explore Prodigy.

With a Level Up or Ultimate Membership, your child will have access to a Mythical Epics quest that rewards them with the latest Epic.

These impressive creatures are Prodigy's boldest Epics yet. And many of them will probably look very familiar.

New Mythical Epics are released and featured each month, so make sure your child regularly checks into our Mythical Epics updates to see which ones are available.

Mythical Epics roster.

Each Mythical Epic is released for a limited time only.

How to get a Mythical Epic in Prodigy Math

All Prodigy Members will receive access to an in-game quest that they can complete to tame a new Mythical Epic every month.

Not a Member? No worries! Simply follow the steps below to find out if a Membership is right for you!

Step 1: Learn about which Membership package is right for you.

If you’re already a Member, hooray! Skip to step three

Memberships don’t change the educational experience for players. Instead, they provide extra in-game content and rewards (like Epics), plus members-only tools to help parents support their child’s learning. 

And it’s worth it, because players are more likely to answer additional math questions and spend extra time building important skills to help them succeed academically. 

Prodigy offers two Math Membership packages. Choose the one that fits your needs best! 

1. Prodigy Level Up 

From just $6.25 USD per month, this package offers in-game features like: 

  • Access to Mythical Epics
  • Exclusive items, gear and in-game areas
  • Ability to rescue and evolve all 100+ Prodigy pets
  • Access to Mythical Epics to help kids on their learning adventure!

While parents access tools like: 

  • Goals and Rewards — Outline the number of math questions you want your child to answer, then send them a randomized in-game prize for reaching it. 
  • Cheer Them On — Send encouraging messages to your child while they play Prodigy.
  • Comparison Insights — Find out how your child is performing alongside their peers.
  • Grade Override — Have the freedom to adjust the difficulty of the math questions your child answers.
  • Video Lessons — Watch instructional videos tailored to the skills your child may need help with. 
  • Practice Sheets — Print customized worksheets to help your child hone their math skills outside of the game
In-screen image of the Practice Sheets feature for parent Members.

2. Prodigy Ultimate

This complete package offers everything Level Up does, plus more!

Starting at $8.33 USD per month, Prodigy Ultimate offers extra tools to boost fun and learning: 

Players unlock an Ultimate Member Box, featuring one exclusive Ultimate item and one exclusive Ultimate pet per season. 

Parents also get benefits too to support their child's math practice, including access to Focus Mode. This activity helps your child answer up to 50% more math questions, all while they craft beautiful infinity towers!

Choose Your Membership

Step 2: Parents — purchase your membership

First, sign up for a Prodigy parent account and make sure your child’s account is attached to yours

Visit the Memberships page or log into your parent account and click on the Memberships button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

Click on the Purchase a Membership button, then select the package you’ve chosen above. 

Choose how long you want your membership to last and select the child or children you want to apply your membership to. Then make your purchase!

P.S. Discover the best ways to save money on your membership while meeting your family’s needs.

Step 3: Players — Start your Mythical Epics quest

Once you have a Membership, your player can start their Mythical Epics quest to unlock it.

To start the quest, log in to Prodigy Math and open up your pet book in the menu bar. Then click the Mythical Epics tab and pick your Mythical Epic quest.

Each Mythical Epic has its own unique quest. Once the quest and its tasks are complete, you can lure the Mythical Epic out and tame them in battle! If successful, the Mythical Epic is yours!

Unlock my Mythical Epic now!

How to use your Mythical Epic in Prodigy Math

Once players collect their Mythical Epics, they’ll be able to use all the power their Epic carries when they battle monsters in the game.

Epic Attacks

On the battle menu, players with a Mythical Epic have the option to use their ultimate spell: the Epic Attack. An Epic Attack is a once-per-battle attack to succeed against monsters in a normal battle, or a challenge battle. 

When you select your Epic Attack and answer the math question correctly, the Mythical Epic will come on screen, unleash their Epic Attack and leave. The character who was on the screen at the time of the attack will receive it. 

Prodigy Mythical Epics — Frequently asked questions

1. Can my child still keep their Mythical Epic if I cancel my Membership? 

Yes! Once you’re a Mythical Epic owner, your Mythical Epic remains in use in the game regardless of your membership status. 

2. Do Mythical Epics change the educational experience?  

Having an Epic does not provide an educational advantage for students, beyond potentially making Prodigy Math more fun and engaging, leading to more math questions answered! 

There is also no direct competitive advantage in the game. Epics attacks are not permitted in 1:1 battles with other players in the game, though they can still be used against non-playable characters. 

3. If my child owns a physical Epic, do they need a Membership to use it now?

No! If you already purchased an Epic before their discontinuation, you can always use them in the game. 

4. Can I buy Mythical Epics separately? 

Currently, no. Mythical Epics are only available to Members. 

Ready to add excitement to this year’s learning journey? 

Unlock Epics and more!

Is your child enjoying their Epic adventure with Prodigy? Stay tuned for more announcements to come!